Tuesday, August 04, 2009

9 months

Last Friday my baby turned 9 months. What a gift! She's always been a blessing and I am forever happy and thankful for having her. And though she is pretty heavy at 11.5kg she is a joy to hold.

She can pretty much navigate on her own now. She crawls and can now stand at her playpen using the rails as support. When guided she can walk, with us bending to help her launch her steps, backaches nga lang hehe. I am super excited to see her walking around the house, and surely her dad would be thrilled to walk around with "his mini me" at the mall =)

She claps her hand everytime she hears daddy says "yehey"! But walking and clapping doesnt go along kasi matutumba sya pag nagclap sya habang naglalakad hehehe.

Oooops...I have to attend to mommy duties, with this I will leave you these pictures:

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