Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jesus in a Child's Heart

This I have to share and also for me to always remember the child's faith and her love for Jesus.

From my cousins Status Update:
While eating fish for lunch with my 3-year old pretty niece, Shem

Tita Minette: Ingat ha? Baka may tinik yung kinakain, tignang mabuti.
Shem: Bakit? Baka matusok si Jesus?
T. Minette: Bakit? Nasan ba si Jesus?
Shem: Dito. (pointing at her heart)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beach 2011

PhiPhiBeach Morong Bataan April 22-23, 2011

Royal Wedding Guests - Mr. Bean

I find it extra funny that Rowan Atkinson will attend the wedding, i mean "THE WEDDING". I guess I've watched too many Mr.Bean shows that I am secretly hoping now that nothing will go wrong at the ceremony especially when the queen walks down the aisle, hmmmm would she? Honestly I dont know if the queen will walk, I just think Mr.Bean and the queen shouldnt be at the same place.

Maybe because of this video:

I wont paste the wedding guest here, if you want to see the list click guests

I have to confess that I am a royal fan too especially Williams. I grew up hoping Id meet him and be a princess, like Diana. I might be 2 years older but heck a girl can dream, cant she?

Friday, April 22, 2011

After the Fire

One of Thea's favorite toys, People meet the brave
Mr. Starch, Potato Head Iron Man edition!

He survived, good thing he was wearing his armor and helmet. His back is rated PG, what with the bloated butt :D

The true survivors though are my parents, Nanay and Tatay. After the fire they courageously faced the challenge and though it hurts to see the remnants of the fire they rebuilt the kitchen and I am proud to say it is now done. The playroom wont be rebuilt we'll just have to wait for the bigger palyroom at La Res :) No pictures yet, I am too lazy to go down and take pictures. Oh yeah, we're also back in our room! We got electricity last Tuesday and we are all so grateful.

Lastly, I am reminded of these verses.
Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. v.17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Look at Mr.Starch isnt he cool? He's even smiling, look at his eyes!

We can all keep cool and collected through our problems. Grace under fire is what we'll have when we put our trust in the Lord. Submit to His will and we will be able to stand on our ground.
Have a Blessed Holy Week Friends.

Pray, Love, Hope

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SUNOG April 10,2011

My story:
2:15am Margie, my sister's help, opened our bedroom door and said "May SUNOG". I am having goosebumps while writing this.

I immediately got up, carried Thea and run down the stairs "braless". My baby was crying obviously from waking her up,when we reached the street I started screaming Sunog which made her cry more. The fire was not huge then, it was still in the backyard where the caimito tree was (twas the first to hit fire I think) and it was still far back (i thought) I gave Thea to Margie and went back to get her milk container and, I am shy to say this, I took my folder with our passport and important docs. When I went down the fire has already hit our Tito's old house, the fire was already huge and smoke was big.

I took thea to Kuya's car, there we prayed and ask for help. Asked for firefighters to come asap, asked that no one will get hurt, and gave thanks because all of us were safe. We all got out of the house on time. After a while we went inside our Tito's new house opposite ours and found safe refuge. I took Thea upstairs and tried to make her sleep to no avail.

Fire truck came 30 mins later, Tito's house was burning madly. Our kitchen was not spared so is thea's playroom. The fire was really fast, Good thing we had firewall so the fire wasnt able to get inside the house immediately.

I wasnt able to get a good look at it because I am taking care of my little girl who is on my arms crying. My eyes were hurting and I think the lil girl's eyes were hurting too. Better story from Kuya Khyl and Ate Mai the first ones whe sensed there was a fire.

Here are some pics captured to let us remember that day.

If there is an equipment doing all work during fire it was this, my oven thermometer. By the way, my oven was gone and all my baking stuff.

Mikelle's fone was inside the playroom, so sadly her fone is gone too. I tried taking out the sim but it's stuck.

The clock in the sala, "Full of hopes and dreams" it says. Would you believe its still working?

We've moved to my MIL house since 10th, we still dont have electricity to this day. I hope the Meralco guy will come today, please please please.
Lots of stories to tell but got no time. I will post when possible.
In the end, we just thank thank thank God that everyone is safe. :D

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A nice Laugh

It was a surprise visit to Leah's house este mansion! Their 3 bedroom two-storey house is fabulous. Her kitchen cabinets are nice too, the same with what I want... pull out trays and white paint! So happy they live there! Their home is like 2 blocks away lang from our home-in-progress!

Yep the construction is ongoing that's why I am super busy. I will post the preliminaries next time just so you can prepare for them once it is your turn. And also so that you can avoid the wrong people. Off topic na haha.

Here's one of our pics with our kids. She is 3 months preggo medyo envious me. But we'll have a right time for that.

Here's us enjoying a fun time, we're laughing yata because I am wearing Alvin's shorts, mine got wet at Paradise resort when I already took a bath and I dont have extra.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Falcon Crest

BUSY BUSY BUSY but I had time to edit pics to share with you guys. The only reason I can see is because I've enjoyed myself with my date at this adventure trip we had last March 26. Awesome time at falcon crest, had it not been for the heavy traffic at bocaue exit it would have been superb experience.
"With an area of 9.5 hectares, the place has amenities such as, swimming pool, retreat house with 16 rooms good for 104 persons, a pavilion for special occasions, and team building facilities such as rappeling, zipline (slide for life), rope courses (rope traverse, multivine, rope labyrinth), and cargo net, to name a few."

There was a group of teens from a church in Q.C. when we arrived. Falcon arranged several team games for them like spider web walk, the guy said then can also arrange a mini Amazing Race for retreats given they tell them in advance the age group of the participants. Book first before you go there, we were just lucky that they can accomodate us even though there's a retreat going on.

Overall the trip was great, me and hubby had a fun time talking during the long drive that we uber miss. The activities were challenging and we were happy that we did them together.

Here are the pics, starting from the search of the best halo halo hehe fail si Razon's kay hubby - wlang kulay, walang beans, walang ube, walang ice cream. Sa kin ok naman masarap sya in fairness kahit kaunti lang ang sahog.

1st activity Wall Climbing. Hubby was able to ring the bell twice. We were given 2 tries. I was able to get to 2nd floor high after that I couldnt grasp na rock na so I called the belayer and said I wanna go down na. Pero picture muna!!!

Next is rapelling. Alvin had to try it first, he did great! The height scared me thus high decibel scream followed when it was my turn. Next try we did it together and I was more at ease to rapel beside my gwapo date!

Last is zipline!

And a photo op!

Going to the movies might be nice but add a little adventure and try this one sometime. You wont regret it.

Relax, Breathe, Have Fun!!!

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