Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am using Wendy a.k.a. The new phone. My sweethearts are already sleeping and I am now in bed bfdng while typing, nyay. So ok here are the things that transpired causing me not to blog:

1.Learning how to bake. I'm loving it big time. The first cake went to the trash though. Important lesson:if your a newbie always follow the recipe. Btw, this afternoon I made a rigatoni tuna and pizza! Love eat =D

2.Gossip girl. I guess i'll continue my hiatus a lil bit more until I finish the 1st season of GG.

3.we've found 'reader's haven' yahoo! I bought john grisham and sparks. I also bought alias, left behind and I forgot the other 1 from another bookstore, these 3 I got for $2 each. Making blogging more difficult.

4.The dear mother and MIL will come for thea's party. I am busy planning of activities, lest they'll get bored. Reason why I am sharpening my baking skills; that way I could teach them how.

5.Thea. She needs more of me now. She stands in d stroller, grabs everything and eats anything er not eat she just put everything in her mouth.

6.CHORES. Lots of it.

extras and other nonsense =P
-Kanye West is so bastos. Ganda pa naman ni Taylor Swift sa gown nya =)
-Serena Williams should take anger management seminar, hehehe.
-Kiko Pangilinan backing out of VP is a good move.
-KOrina is in the limelight now, a bad light. Is she that bad???

Losyang Meter #1. If while inside the house a surprise "posh" visitor comes in and instead of running for the door to open it you wanted to go and change your clothes and fix your hair, beware!

I learned that muffin is different from cupcakes. They look the same to me, their taste doesnt differ much either. Me thinks.

I also learned that baking soda is different from baking powder. And you cant substitute.

I have a new shades =) Now I need a nice sundress to go with it, nyahaha.

Aidilfitri on Sunday. NO WORK on Monday and Tuesday. Malaysia here we come!!! I am excited =D Selamat Hari Raya!

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