Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 months

30 minutes ago, my lil Thea turned 8 months =D (its 12:40am)

She has always been God's precious gift to me and Alvin. Her smile never fails to melt mommy's heart. Even at those times when I feel so tired and wouldnt want to take her out yet I still find myself willing just because this cute little girl is smiling sweetly at me. And during these time when I am sick (I am having this constant headache) I find myself cuddling her the more because it makes me feel better.

Carrying Thea in my arms, 36 weeks after giving birth, I am now in awe of this tiny hand that touches mine. So grateful that God made me a mommy 8 months ago.

Monday, June 29, 2009

a movie unfolding

Last night '27 Dresses' was shown on the TV and I enjoyed it! I havent been able to sit still and watch the whole movie , start to finish, because I have to attend to my daughter wailing - apparently calling mommy. I have to bring her downstairs to watch it with me, thankful that Daddy Vhin is more than willing to carry Thea as I watch the film. The movie is about to end but I have to go somewhere I cant remember what I did, maybe chores, that I almost missed the wedding part.

It has been a while since I watched a movie - in a cinema that is. Iskul Bukol last December is not counted, we didnt even finished it. The last movie I enjoyed really was A Very Special Love - yep Jologs ako haha Certified. Anyway, yeah it will really take some more time till I can go to a real cinema to watch a movie. Transformers just have to wait for us in Manila, hopefully it is still showing late next month.

I am a movie addict. Oooops, let me correct that. I WAS a movie addict. I can even watch a movie on my own. I watch a movie when I'm sad. I watch a movie when I'm happy. I watch with friends. I watch with dates =) I watch with pamangkins. I really miss going to the movie house, eating popcorns or fries with soda on the side hehe.

I do miss movies but I have no regret on not seeing any these days. There is one grand movie unfolding in front of my eyes. A masterpiece and I got a role in it. I just hope God will help me act the role He has given me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Singapore Trip and Tips when bringing the Baby

I intentionally obliterated on previous post about my husband's gift last May 18 (our 1st year anniversary) because I dont want to preempt this post. BUt it has taken a long time for me to finish (even start) this SG post and now I am grinding my teeth to finish the series nyahhaha.

May 16, 2 days before our anniversary, in the car going to Bandar I was looking for a pen to write the things we need to buy in the mall. I found my husband giddy but I was not attentive at all that time. SO there I was searching for a pen in my bag, in thea's then in the car's compartment. Couldnt find any but I found a plane ticket and said "RBA? (royal brunei airlines)" i honestly thought it was our ticket last Feb but when he laughed in his panic tone I knew there's something in there.

I opened the ticket and found our names in it, then I looked at the destination and saw "Bandar to Singapore" and automatically a smile grew on my face, then a grin then a laugh.

That's the story (there's more to it but I cant find myself digging in the details so spare me). 13 days later we were bound to SG. Our first kaya we were both excited, takot din sa swine flu kaya bumili pa kami sangkaterbang face mask :D


Friday May 29 7pm flight to SG

1) Go to the airport early. You never know when the emergency "poop" will come so better be ready with ample of time. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before the flight. Thea didnt pooped naman but we were able to be at the gate early to get nice seats as we wait. In Manila, NAIA, there's a priority line for those travelling with infants - use it. (dito sa brunei wala nun sayang)

2) Bring lots of entertainment. While waiting and inside the plane, you would need lots of entertainment for your little one. Remember: others who doesnt have a baby yet may frown at a screaming baby.
3) Choose a window seat. If you can't at the check in counter then swap with your seatmate instead, just carry your baby and do the "kawawa naman ang baby ko pag dun kami sa aisle' eyes, prety sure they'll give way.
4)Breastfeed if you can. It helps Thea to sleep when she's breastfed rather than bottlefed so I try to make her sleep before take off, that way she wont mind the pressure. On our way to SG she couldnt sleep but kept on sucking anyway, I think it helped ease the pressure.
5)Fill out the immigration form inside the Plane. Also get out of the plane fast, that way you'll be the first to queue in the immigration. Clip the immig form in the passport.

SG at 9:00PM
1)Pacute sa Immig Officer. Me and my baby first then next si hubby. Don't give all the passports in one go, you might encounter a 'masungit' officer. DO NOT DISCARD the Departure Card. Again, do not discard. You'll need it on your way home. The only thing the immig officer asked me is where will we stay, I said we'll stay in the hotel blah blah. You might need your reservations churva, be ready just in case.
2)Google the hotel. It would be helpful if the hotel is baby friendly. Elizabeth is good, they have baby cot for baby, it would have been great but Thea wants to munch everything including the rails of the cot so we decided to co-sleep.

That's the end of day1. NEXT POST - PART II - Singapore Tour and Sentosa

Monday, June 08, 2009

11.2kg in barely 7 months UNBELIEVABLE? believe it

Yeah I know I have to blog about the SG trip but I think it would be too long and thinking about it makes me tired even if I havent typed anything yet. So now I am writing about what happened today...

This morning we went to Child health care here in SEria. As I have mentioned before the Hospitals here are free for everyone, yes even the medicines and vaccines are free. Great! So I thought. But nothing is really free right? We have a 1:30 appointment at the clinic we went there early coz we dont want to be late. Turns out many others have a 1:30 appointment with the clinic. I took a number and its #15 already. Aiyks, hubby is only supposed to be late for work now I think he couldnt go back to office

We are not adept in their language, we dont even understand a sentence. We knew how much - barapa, how old - apa bulan, what milk - apa susu and some other words but has never communicated much. We feel like we are aliens when we speak English in a Malay Hospital, so much so, we feel neglected and unwelcome because we dont speak the language. Maybe its culture maybe not. I think we got to learn how to communicate with them if we want to have the FREE services their country can give us.

So the first stop is the "Examination Room" where the parents measure baby's weight, height and head circumference. I put it in the paper, a 2" x 3" paper, height 71, head 46cm, weight 11.2kg no clothes on. I gave it to the attending nurse to put in Thea's record and we went back to the waiting area because the number in the monitor says #2. Meaning 12 more to go. I told hubby he may go back to work and fetch us later.

Minutes later after Alvin left the nurse called my name. Their diction is very different so I have to hear it twice before it would register that it really was me she was calling. She led me and Thea inside the "exam room" and asked me to weigh her again. I couldnt figure the reason at first but when she told me "You wrote 11.2kg we want to check" I almost grinned. I knew there was no mistake.

Upon knowing that she really weigh that much, she told me that she is "over over" weight. SHe asked me the routine questions I keep on getting everytime there's a check up: How big is she when she's born? Apa Susu? How much milk does she take daily? How about solid? Haaay...

Last time we went there was March, which explains why they dont know her record.

Thea is over weight for her age alright but she is healthy. Now I miss the pedia in the Philippines. Here we dont have a monthly check up. If they only check her regularly I think they wont be 'that' surprised everytime they see her.

BTW, the staff at the 2nd stop said we need to go back on August 8 for the second shot of flu vaccine we had her first at the "paying" hospital. 3rd stop was the Senior Doctor she said we should give Thea antibiotic and antibacterial cream for the ear infection ( the piercing at the right ear doesnt seem to heal) - Alvin and I decided not to give the antibiotic.At the 4th stop, the 'vaccination room' the nurse said we need to go back on June 27 for the second shot of flu vaccine. The gap should be a month from the first shot. Huh???

Now, should we go back to the FREE clinic?

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