Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Tip: How to Strike through Text and Put Different Color Font

I have been wondering how bloggers do this tricks (especially during the election time where we have blue, green, orange candidates) but was only able to unveil it recently. I will update you again if there's any other cutee little things we could add to make our blog more interesting.

The html code are as follows:

the code result:

your text goes here

different font color

different background color

the code so you could just copy and paste them: just add the "span style" text
"color:orange">different font color
"background-color:yellow">different background color

Or just go to quack it for the code. you can copy it and paste it in your page and just change the text or the color, whatever. Can't find the strike through there so you just have to type the code from the picture above to use it. Enjoy :D

extra: duds, programmer na ko hehe

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I want to BE?

"What I wanna be, What I wanna be
When I grow up to be big me"
Have you heard that song? It's from Barney - the purple dinosour :D

No, I am not thinking of what Thea could be when she grows up. I am thinking about myself, oh yeah there's still lots of growing up for me too. I don't want to stop dreaming, how then can I tell my daughter to achieve her dreams if I haven't even tried my best achieving mine.

When I was young (younger bleh) I have written things I have wanted to be or do when I grow up. I've checked some of the things already, yey done! Some I still need to have the courage and money to achieve and get. Though some are not likely to be done, not because I gave up but because I just change mind.

Since I dont think you have the eyes of Clark Kent nor you have the capacity to read my very beautiful handwriting (nyaha) I will type them here:

-Go to all the cities - Philippines and the World tiny check - its a very long way if I'd really want to see the world but YES it is a dream so DREAM BIG
-Ride a motorcycle 'alone'
-Drive a car check
-Ride on a plane and Ship check
-Own a Car - i think now I'd like to have a big car =D
-Be seen on TV (this and the 2 that follows will only means positive things ha, hindi yung Emma Regalado nahuling may droga sa HongKong ayaw ko yun haha)
-Be heard on Radio
-Be featured on a newspaper or magazine
-Write a book I promise myself I will before I TURN 40 Amen
-Donate blood (I didnt know that I'm anemic then)
-Go to disneyland
-Run a marathon race
-Ride a jetki
-Dub a song
-Walk at the Great Wall of CHina
-Have a Duet with Gary / Martin (not sure kung and or or) Dear Mr.Gary V and Mr. Martin N. please please make my wish come true mwaaaah i heart both of you much much

next page
-Enroll on a speech class (bulol daw kasi ako)
-Enroll on an IT class
-Marry and have kids 2 check
-Own a ruby ring
-Shake hand with a President
-Play basketball
-Own a house in Baguio
-Cook a good dinner super check
-Plant a tree
-Give poor gifts for Christmas mini check
-Establish a newsletter for the youth (church)
-Paint a picture (Bunny I need your help here)
-Be an officer of a known /prestigious company
-Drink a chocolate drink at Starbucks (I couldnt even go to Starbucks then)check
-Dress like a princess on a costume party
-Enroll voice class
-Plant a tree (again??? dalawang tree na itatanim ko!)
-Play tennis

next page( I am sooo shy you saw my handwriting)
-Fly a kite
-Learn to cut hair
-Own a dog - Blue (dahil sa Blue's Clues, I still dont know about this am not really a dog lover)
in love...
-to marry in Calumpit check
-to have kids 3 up (oh my, binabawi ko na yan - 2 lang) 1 check
-take care of children (full time) when 40 at least meaning not working check at 30yo
-bake a cake to husband check
-vacation at Boracay/Palawan with family
-renew vows at 25th anniversary ayayay matagal pa ito
-date on a romantic beach
-dedicate a song over the radio on Valentines day
-cook a dinner... candlelight

A quote from Pursuit of Happyness
Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.

I have been thinking about what I really want to be other than being the best mom and wife. I pray that God will lead me and help me find the best place for me. I will attend a class in Manila this month, if Lord wills, this will start a new hobby or business whatever.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Lots of things to be thankful. One of the thousand things is the additional year God has given me and a promise of another blessed year.

Thank you for the greetings everyone. Every year I list my bday greeters and I will do just the same now!
Texts from Mik, Ate La, Ate Mai, Madear, Yeyeng, Inets, Ate Gladys, Ate Ellen and Nanay A. Facebook greetings from Geng, Kap & Abby, Apple E, Inets & Bim, Chie, Victor Joel, Rodney, Ey, Angel, Elsa, Udette, Jec, Get, Mark T., Apple H., Mon, Trixie, Norizen, Cindy, Jen, Maan, Noyeen, Marivi. And Dm's from Zennia and Tito Lowie

But of course, before all these greetings my two very special love made my birthday a super special one. I think THea knows something is special with August 31st because she will wake up around that time and will sleep late, last Tuesday she slept at 4am. Aaaaaw, sweetie I appreciate the effort but a simple kiss will do haha. Oh well, its alright baka pag malaki na to di na sya gigising ng madaling araw to greet mommy.

Alvin on the other hand had made extra effort since last Saturday. Taking me to Miri for my (not so) surprise trip to Tamam Awam. Unfortunately, the Brunei-Malaysia border was packed with Bruneians and we were at the border for 2 hours - lining up to get our passports chopped. Another hour was spent in Parkson's parking lot. But these mishaps cannot ruin my day. God has given me extra patience and humor to get through all those, tenchu Lord!

Here are some pictures. The hanging bridge isnt passable anymore, sayang. But the walk down the steep stairs made a huge statement "I need to exercise my legs sobra" hehe.
cutie nakangiti ang bebe ko!
overlooking, pero di halata. and medyo takot pa kami baka malaglag yung camera kasi nilagay ko lang sa bakod hehe

Hubby had this super lovely gift, secret muna kung ano.

Cheers to the best year ever. Mwaaah

Friday, September 03, 2010

Protection = Insurance

#18 of our 31 ways to be a better Sahm is about Financial Planning. It says that we have to save, invest and insure.

I am not a financial guru but I try to apply what I learned in school and office to my family's finances.

One of the hardest issues families encounter are about finances. You may not know it, (well - now you will), but I took Financial Engineering as post graduate studies. On one of our subjects we have discussed hedging intensively. Hedging is like offseting risk or moreso preventing it by doing something or buying a product. Yikes, did I just made it more confusing? Let's just state an example eh? It is (like) buying a life insurance, that way when something bad happens your family's financial security will be protected.

Okay so let's just drop the 'hedge' word altogether and discuss insurance. A prudent head of the family needs to know how to secure his family. There are stories of families who once lived a comfortable life but somehow after a tragic event they couldnt even afford to pay the mortgage of their house. No one would want that to happen to his family right?

We are still in our quest to be fully secured and we are doing our best to plan for our future. All I want to say with this entry is insurance - be it life or health - is important. We have our life insurance already but we are still looking for a good health insurance that will cater our needs even when we are not in the Philippines. We have contacted agents and their quotes are reasonable but some doesnt include the country where we are. So if you know an agent who can quote me, just leave a message in the comment box below.

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