Thursday, June 26, 2014

Couples Retreat "You Are The One"

May 31-June 1, 2014

Those were 3 days to remember. Dates when we, Vhin & I, attended the couple's retreat organized by CCF Malolos, entitled  You Are The One at Green Valley Baguio City, with a western theme ala Woody and Jessie of Toy Story.

We signed up on the 1st week they announced about it. Hubby was persistent that we should go. He was fresh from the Men's retreat he attended last April and was really looking forward to joining a couple's retreat, he asked his group leader about it and was told maybe there might be one. When we went to church and the pastor announced about it, he signed up immediately. I was hesitant and even asked him if he would still be around by then, the Brunei contract is still cooking then and I was expecting a ticket from the company anytime soon.

We were meant to go to the retreat:

Brunei contract was cancelled for some reason. We were so sure that he'll get the contract, edit that, I was pretty sure as I am holding on to His promise that He will provide for the family. God is faithful, He provides but His ways are not my ways, my thought are not His thoughts (isaiah 55:8). In short the contract didnt materialize. Fast forward to first week of May we claimed it was His leading that kept him from coming back to Brunei, days after praying for direction, husband got a call and was asked for an interview for a company (Manila) he hasnt even applied to, next day he got interviewed next week he signed for a contract. They asked him to start right away but if he'll start he might not be able to attend the retreat so he asked if he could start on June they agreed and got the job :) 

Two weeks ago hubby went back to Brunei to sell his things and get his remaining stuff from his room. That was the moment when we bid bye bye to Brunei. On to the promise land we go.

Turns out we are really destined to attend the retreat. Days before May 31, I was still undecided whether we leave the kids home or bring them with us. I submitted and trust God to take care of the kids and thank God we did. The sessions take till night time and my kids who are routine kids will go cranky by 6pm because they need Mama, and I wouldnt be able to listen some of the lessons if the children are with us.

To tell you the details of the retreat would spoil the fun once its your turn to join. So I will leave you with photos from the retreat. We were blessed and we want friends and families to get to experience this kind of treat for their marriage too.

On our way home, we saw a rainbow in the sky. What a way to culminate the retreat. A very good reminder of God's promise for our marriage.  Hmmm, can you see it? Can you? Can you? Haha malabo pero andyan yan. Just like some great things, sometimes bomalabs talaga and we get clouded with negative things but the promise is always there you just need to see it... to intently see it and seek.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1 Million Education Fund only 2000/month

With the tuition fee increase per year I am betting the tuition fee for our children's college would be > 1 Million.

But let's keep it simple shall we? Say you need a million only to pay for your child's tuition fee.

Here's how you can compute how much you need to save per month so you could attain your kid's Educational Fund.

First go to this link compoundcalcu

Then type in a value in the additional annual addition I put in 24000 that's 2000 per month.

Before buying that P10,000 toycar make sure to save first for your child's tuition fee. I am not being kj here, just making sure you do your planning for their future. Not that we had saved a million for either the kids fund ha, no we are on the same boat here wishing and dreaming that one day we can send our children to the school they choose.
is it worth it? if you saved an equal amount of money for the child's future then go buy the car but if you haven't yet isip isip muna

Years to grow means the years you will put in P2,000 a month, I put in 16, well my peg is the bunso's age, he is 2 now, so by then he'll be 18.

The interest rate I compute at 12% per annum, if you are going to put it in a Mutual Fund, that's more or less the rate of return.

Then it will compute the future value, mine had P1,149,208.

Now, what do you need to do to have a Million fund? Well I guess you just need to start saving now and do some homework. Dont just put it in banks because hmmm they dont give a 12% interest, the going rate now on banks is taaadaaa 1.5% even less. 

Opening a mutual fund may need some paperworks but what's a little bit of homework to fund your kid to college eh?

Oooops am I talking French, so you don't know what Mutual fund is eh? Hmmm, then you need to do a little bit more researching. Here are some links you may need to consider reading here and here.  Philequity and Fami are the two top performing mutual funds. Check it out.... NOW.

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