Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sweet letters

letters from the heart
my three pamangkins wrote a letter for ate leng, whom they call yeyeng, after giving birth via CS and to yasmien her newly born baby.

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mikelle's it says "Yeyeng pagaling ka na dyan sa doctor.Yeyeng miss ka na namin. Yeyeng sana mawala ang sugat mo. Yasmien sana magpahaba ka na ng buhok. Yasmien sana lumaki ka na ng onti."
simon's To Yasmien and Yeyeng From Simon " Yeyeng pagaling ka na dyaan sa doctor miss ka na namin e. Yeyeng mataba na ba si Yasmien? From Kuya Simon. Yasmien dumododo ka na ba ng mabute?
gail's Gail can write legibly. She's already 7 and was 10th on the grade 1 class last march. Ganda ng sulat noh? hindi mana kay tita nyems!

Friday, April 20, 2007

goodbye ms.julia...

to you who has inspired me to do volunteering again. thank you
I may have not met you but your life will truly be an inspiration to the lives of the filipinos you have touched and mine.
Goodbye Ms.Julia. Salamat

her blog

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swimming Time = Kid's Time = Fun Time

Here's another slideshow I created and it's fun! but before that here's a simple tip for everybody:
If you want to be happy, go and treat yourself some fun time with kids.

click the picture you want to view =)

isn't it cute? look at my picture, that's the only one i got with the kids. that's why i have to post it even if i look very groge in it. haha, but we had so much fun i hope you had great time too. if you haven't got to go out yet this summer, do find time. its worth it!

mwaaah mwaah!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ellen and mearwin's wedding

let's see if my slideshow works. pls comment. ehem ehem, mark can you hear me?

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