Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Oh and just like that it's already December 2019. 3 weeks shy before 2020 arrives.

My 2019 Word for the Year is Connect! And this year, I've done many connections and reconnections. We were back at our home church at Gatbuca Calumpit after years of growing at CCF. We still love the church but we figured it's high time to go back  and reconnect to our home church plus Caleb is more at ease at the Sunday School here because the classmates were constant and well most of them were relatives or a friend of a friend and everyone  (almost) calls me Tita Em. We also started attending the LifeClass and connected to new and old churchmates in the YMO class.

This year, Me and Alvin turned 40! Fairmont it is for his birthday but just the two of us because he was super stressed those times when his visa to UK hasn't arrived yet. And he just wanted to destress for a little while and spend some time alone with me too. After the staycation, we had a boodle fight here in the house using his new white table (that we stained with soy sauce!!!). Days after his birthday, his Visa came. Just in time for his London trip :) It was like the Lord was telling him that He the Lord is in control. To not to worry. That this 40th year, Alvin needs to know who is in control. Months past after his 40th and the same lesson keeps on resurfacing. I am thankful that my husband knows who holds his hand and I hope he knows too that I am always here to pray and support him however tough the situations may be.

I welcomed my 40th year at Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay. It was a sweet hotel, with a cool playground,  super cold swimming pools, there were ponies, peacock, ducks, rabbits too. I was with the whold fam with Nanay Dolores. When we arrive home I had a surprise dinner with the Mariano's at Shakeys, there was a video presentation with my closest friends and family. I felt different being 40, I think it is a age when life gives you more responsibilities yet less time. It is a time also that you choose to do less of the not so important things to focus on the things that really matter. Before I turned 40, I had been struggling because I find myself with too many lost opportunities. Being a CPA, I thought maybe at age 40 I will be like an officer of a company or I will own a business - a big one or someone who can influence many or just someone who gets a big pay check. But you see I may not be an officer of a company but I am the COO of our household, I may not yet own a big business but I am starting one and by God's grace one day it will be big and it will be a blessing to many, I may not get my own big pay check but I can always get my husbands atm hahaha. If my 20year old self will see me now, I think she'll tell me this is really really different than what she thought it would be but she will look forward to adulting and becoming me because it was 20 years well spent with loads of love, of laughter and of life. Life with not just great things but with challenges here and there. I thank God, He has brought me this far. My younger self wouldnt have thought she is this tough. So yeah, cheers to more years of blessings and love. 

This year, we transferred Thea to a public school. At first, it was challenging to make her come to school but now when we tell her we are going to Teacher she gets up and go. She's now back at Habilities taking OT twice a week. We still have ABA 4 hours a week. Thea now can do laundry, fold clothes, fix the bed and fold the blankets,  fix the table. She likes the color gray, she likes her 3/4 PJ's, loves ferrero, likes baking cookies, still loves paint and painting herself.  Dear Thea, Mommy loves you a lot. I will always be here for you. I will look forward to that day that we will talk about anything we like and love and hate :D 

Caleb turned 7 this year! We had a fun fun pool party with some friends and family, those who went are with kids that Caleb knows. The bubble show made it extra fun! Dear Caleb, oh how you've grown. Almost all your teeth are permanent, you weigh like 30ish kg and that's big! You still think Mama is the most beautiful girl of all, I showed you picture of Bella Padilla and Bea Alonzo I said they were beautiful and you said you're more prettier! My mama heart melted! Yesterday, we were eating m&m's and you said you don't want to eat anymore, you said so because you think I want some more :) You still need to learn a lot of things but I know in my heart you are a good good boy with a very kind heart. 

Few days to go before Christmas! I still need to finish my Sunlife validation, my BIR requirements, wrapping gifts and buying some more, organizing family and friends get together. Hoping I won't get too bombarded with all the busy-ness of this season. I pray that we can all find time to reflect why Christmas came about. The sacrifice and the love. Been reading one chapter a day of the book of Luke. It has 24 chapters. That way when I get to Christmas day, I know very well who this Christ we are celebrating. 

I don't know if I'll be able to write again, let me greet you in advance "Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!"

Next year's Word is Blessing! Looking forward to more blesings from above and being a blessing to many more! Cheers!

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Pasalubong from Melbourne Australia

It has been a while I know!

Blogger notified me and asked if I am still interested ( to receive notifications on comments that is) and well, yes I am still very much!

So why ‘Pasalubong from Melbourne”? Just because the hubby is in Australia and I was doing a little research here and there to find out which ones I will ask him to buy for us here in Pinas.

So TimTams and Lindt tops the ‘pabili’ chocolate category! Cadbury not so much but I heard there were other flavors of Cadbury in Aus that were to die for! I asked him to take photos at the grocery and there were dark milk with sea salt Cadbury! Only problem was they all come in big sizes! Wala ba yung mini katulad ng andito sa supermarket pang tingi tingi?

Lucas Papaw is a popular pasalubong too. Well for Nawies at least! Alvin didnt see the Lucas Papaw brand but saw the ‘Real Papaw’ which is I think and hope will work just the same. He was able to buy them at $20 for 6! Papaw ointment are ok for dry lips, cuts and bruises. Havent tried but I might (might ha) update and tell you if it does work end of this month. Manuka honey is also mentioned by one of my friends but best daw to buy from NZ.

You cannot bring home Kangaroo or Koala! But you can bring home Kangaroo jerky from Woolworth!   You can alao buy those  cute koala stuffed toys they sell maybe in the airport shops (my husband would definitely not buy them). Oh by the way beacuse if those little stuffed koala things I always thought that koalas are small creatures parang tarsiers ganun but lo they are not that little pala.

So malls there closes at 8pm!. Hopefully by Saturday he would be able to go to the mall! Good thing the grocery closes a little late at least he can still buy food!

I was trying to upload photos keeps failing :(
We have two wall clocka here in the bedroom one PH and one Aus!

That would be it for now.

- gorgeous moi

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Children's Birthday Celebration 2015

It was our princess' 7th birthday and the little prince's 3rd. 
Posting pics Lang just so you could celebrate with us even in pictures.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Puerto Princesa palAwan

Piso sale is heart. Last November 2014 I was able to book this trip for less than 3k, return trip for two! Initially the sched would have been 4am but it was rescheduled to 8am they emailed me around May this year. CebuPac said we can cancel the booking and they will just credit my deposit but duh why cancel  sayang nemen and I booked the hotel already and we are all set and I am excited already. It has been a while since I last travelled so 4 hours is not a big issue besides mahirap lumuwas ng 2am!!!

PP is heart! Let the pictures do the talking. It's kinda late and we don't have yaya (again). We are okay. The kids are fine without one and I uhmmm I just need to schedule chores. While I love being hands-on mom, I really don't like washing dishes but I don't like seeing them by the sink the whole day. Oh well, let's go back to Puerto Princesa :)

We checked in at Microtel Wyndham at 10am and they allowed us a room right away! Cheers to early check-in and accomodating hotel staff. 11am we are bound to the wharf for some Island hoping.

Honda Bay. I bought that red suit night before our trip. Buti naka sale 80% off. Haha off season sale are the best! Luli beach is the best - lulubog lilitaw, serious that's where the name came from. Starfish island next, well madami daw starfish haha. Last stop where we had lunch (at last!!!) was Pandan beach. Boat ride was 1300 for 4 hours, tipid pa kasi may isang sumabay sa amin. Group tour would be cheaper but I like how ours went. Relax lang!

Microtel's beach, it was a low low tide. We went swimming at the pool instead.

City tour was fun too. Butterfly and tribal village was nice, yes there were butterflies but that's just meh, the fun part was the tribal village tour - the Palaw-ans showcased their native craft, skills, music and weapon - blowgun for the win!!!

Save for the tummy ache after eating at Max's hahaha, okay don't shoot me ha we ate at Pandan naman ng seafood okay na yun, NOT, di nagustuhan ng tyan ko yung tofu ng Max hahaha.

To my date, thanks you for taking me out :) Next year ulit? Will bring nicer camera next time ha? Didnt realize the sony pics will get pixelized na, outdated na pala sya hahaha. good thing my iphone camera is really nice wahaha!!! Okay naman yang samsung camera sana eh kaso di naman nagagamit so waley :p But really I had a fun fun alone time with you. <3 p="">

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