Wednesday, January 23, 2008

girl friends, weddings etc

Yesterday, i bumped into May Galang, my highschool classmate.
Today, i bumped into Gaye Centeno, friend from church since childhood!
Both in MRT, the first one at buendia and the other in Magallanes!
Funny how great it feels to see someone you havent seen for quite sometime. Blissful moments like this are super special. Sino naman kaya mamimeet ko bukas.

Oh and i went to Wedding Library at Megamall kanina. Mabait ung girl, she even pointed out that the magazine I am looking is on sale. She asked me agad when I will get married and entertained me siguro she saw my ring. Eh she didnt asked the girl beside me naman.

My inbox is full of weddings@work egroup mails. Wasnt aware that girls are so OC when it comes to their wedding. Ung isa dun 2009 pa ikakasal sobrang super prepare na ha!

Now I know what H2B, MIL, MOH and FG mean. hehehe

Friday, January 18, 2008

38th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my Tatay and Nanay's 38th Wedding Anniversary.
To my parents, may love abound in you forever =) mwaaaaah

I hope me and H2B will share lovely years together too.

Photobucketthis is tatay's christmas, new year and wedding anniversary gift in one, halata ba kinikilig nanay ko?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sleepy tips from H2B

nyem: haaaaaay 1 1/2 hour to go before makatulog ulit. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
advise me kung papano magpretend ng gising kahit tulog. hahaha pwede ba yun?

option 1. kumuha ka ng papel, kahit ano na puwedeng basahin basta related sa work mo.hawak ka ng ballpen, tapos dapat nakalapag sa table mo yung paper para nakayuko ka tapos saluhin mo ng isang kamay yun noo mo, puwede rin dalawang kamay pero mas maganda kung isa lang kasi may hawak na ballpen yung isang kamay hehe.ayun puwede ka na dumiskarte nun, pikit ka lang kunwari nagiisip.

option 2. yuko ka, tapos magkahawak yung 2 kamay mo, pikit ka.pag may kumalabit sa yong officemate tapos nagising ka sabihn mo lang amen, hehehe.

parang mas ok yung option 1.
goodluck! hehehe

isn't he hilarious? haaaaay e-mail pa lang yan.
just imagine how fun life would be, once i get to spend each day with him =P

i'm walking on sunshine wooah and don't it feel good!!!

here's a song that translates how i feel right this very moment! do you know how it feels to just walk on sunshine and feel that u are truly loved! ah basta. i hope u know this song, kung hindi malamang ibang era kayo pinanganak at hindi nyo napanood ang TGIS dati =) (btw, crush ko nun si Wacks may picture pa ko kasama sya!)

I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I'm sure
And I just cant wait till the day when you knock on my door
Now everytime I go for the mailbox , gotta hold myself down
Cos I just wait till you write me your coming around

I'm walking on sunshine , wooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
and don't it feel good!!

Hey , alright now
and dont it feel good!!
hey yeh

I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that its true
and I don't want to spend all my life , just in waiting for you
now I don't want u back for the weekend
not back for a day , no no no
I said baby I just want you back and I want you to stay

woah yeh!
I'm walking on sunshine , wooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
and don't it feel good!!

Hey , alright now
and don't it feel good!!
hey yeh ,oh yeh

and don't it feel good!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

pink and chocolate brown would be nice...


okay, i know naman h2b wont comment and would only say yes to the color hehehe.
nways, i was eyeing this color for 2 months na. hehehe. even before he proposed. sync kami nyan eh =P

i was hoping to make it bronze sana to make it sosyal hahaha, pero chocolate brown would look nice naman. Punky daw thats what they say about the color, not the dramatic two tone pink and pink and white, nor the ultra hip pink and black but rather the toned down version of it. nways matagal pa naman, haaaay, ayan n naman. kaya nga ba gusto ko kasal na agad pagkatapos magpropose para less stress eh. (di mo alam un no?) lumalabas pagkaOC ko pag matagal na prep.

eto pa isa, iloveher. she loves her work and works with passion. sana ako din i could work like that. ano ba passion ko, i like teaching and kids, wink wink! hehehe., kaso her work costs 45k daw yan. ok no way!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

things to do in 2008 a.k.a reconstructed new years resolution

I read years ago in a magazine that if you do your planning for the entire year make sure you have topics and sub-topics. It says if you just put everything you wanted to write in a sheet of paper without an aim, you'll probably overlook other issues that you need to prioritize over those whose importance seem to be too big. For example, while doing your new years plan you have a problem in school - tendency is you will fill your calendar with studying, review and paper works and forget that u have other important matters to attend to e.g. family, lovelife, work, play and yourself. Matalino ka nga, wala ka namang family time. O kaya napromote ka nga wala ka namang lovelife, wala din di ba?

So you have to know your goals or else you'll end up lost and with no target in sight.

Love. Family. Church. Finance. Work. School. (Twas what I wrote last year did I miss any? [see], comments are welcome =>)

Notice how the arrangement differs from last year, hahaha, love now comes first! =P
Well for the reason readers of this blog already know, I am getting married this year. I don't know about you but the news about me tying the knot made a lot of people extra excited. Is it because I'm already turning 29? hahaha. (see kailan ka mag-aasawa? post). Nways, heres my to do list.

-To get to know my 'sinta' more.
-To say "Yes I do" aaaaay, ano ba mas ok na vow, will it be sweeter if you say your own pledge or just say Yes to whatever the officiating minister would say. Besides I'd be super excited that day baka di ko maalala ung vow ko.
Vhin wants to have a baby daw agad while I wanted to spend more time with him muna sana. Nway, an tiny family member would be extremely welcome. Saka 29 na nga pala ko! hahaha. OMG, did i really put having a baby on my to do list? wahahahaha)

-To have lots of bonding time. Not necessarily, star-city outing type ha. Simpleng bonding lang kasi I got to save money =P
-To still go home every weekend.
-To compliment more, sometimes I tend to forget this part.

-To attend the sunday service in Gatbuca regularly and the midweek service here in "bread".
-To become a good disciple and be able to walk the talk more and more.
-To acknowledge the leaders and be more obedient, hehe.
-To have regular praying and reading time, i missed this part last year.
-To go to the missions pa din, 1 lang muna ulit.
-To get to know Christ and make Him known.

-Transfer to a new boarding house, since my boardmate left already. Either that or find a new boardmate? Do you know anyone? SOS.
-To earn more! Well last year I got a fairly good increase hopefully this year I'll get better. ayayay!
-To get high grades so I may be able to reimburse my tuition fees =)
-To attend the Franchising Orientation of this company I want to join, hopefully I'll be able to find time next month. Hopefully din, i'll get the support I need. Business Plan A.
-To attend Desktop publishing trainings, for the other project I was eyeing. Business Plan B.

-To attend trainings on maximizing excel power in financial forecasting. Since we're now moving from lotus smartsuite to excel (ancient I know...) I think I should better gear up to this change. Not that I am not adept with excel but there are some more things to know ayt, probabilities, monte carlo, solver and uncertainties scenarios. eeew nerdy things ba.
-Same as last year, just that hopefully workloads will be evenly distributed this time.
-That I will be able to file everything, no matter how busy I may be.
-Continuous good relationship with everybody.

-Not that school is not important, no. Just that I might put this aside for a while to do other things. After completing the Diploma courses this term, I think I have to defer Masteral studies muna to pursue another career called Family.
-For my last term, I have to be able to make sure I grasp everything. My subjects now are Treasury Operations and Derivatives and Options Pricing. I chose these two because I think I'll be able to use this more. Sana teachers are great.
-To earn friends, since my friends didnt enroll in Treas Opt, i hope to gain new friends again this time.
-Though I wont take Portfolio Management I wish to still learn the trade, have to self study and ask friends for notes.

-Avoid cold water, or just anything cold for that matter. In moderation naman daw pwede =)
-Avoid soy sauce, salt and fish sauce, or PMS to death!
-Regular derma visits especially now, I don't want to have zillion zits on my day, ayt?
-Avoid stress.
-Smile and laugh more and some more!!!
-Live and love to the fullest. Mwaaaah.

2008: A season of change. A season of Love! Cheers =D

Saturday, January 05, 2008

a love story 15 years in the making =)

This has two parts. The girl side of the story and the boy's side: See how each of them differs and how love came at its right time!

She says:
I met him when we were still in 1st year high, through my elementary friend nino. He was in section Love (star section) I was in section Peace (2nd section). A year later I was transferred to the same section, biba kid ang lola nyo eh, and we became classmates till senior year. All the while I have always known that this guy has a crush on me but my eyes have always been set on another guy in class who's one of his best buddies.

Sabi nya he did tried to court me daw, hehe, but everytime he approaches me I always run. Ako ang orig na run away girl!!! In fairness mga bading, tinatakbuhan ko naman lahat ng mga gustong manligaw sa kin nun noh? Oh, he was able to walk with me on my way home naman pala one time from school, senior year pero one time lang un. I think I told him na friends lang talaga. Nachennylin ang lolo wawa man =(

Still the two of us became friends, because his tropa adopted FOA, me, geng and rhea, to form part of their group. (well that's a tactic really, but that's a different story).

College days, we had a double date. Or was it a date? Rodney asked me to pair him up with someone and asked me to come along, then he took VHin with him. We watched a movie (the jackal), ate at shakeys (pizza and mojo). That was it, after that he never made a move.

The gang still meets once in a while. Though not as much as we used to.

Years past after several girlfriends on his part he became single last September 2006.On the other hand, I was on a 6 year relationship and was asking Vhin & Kap's help to court the guy back to me. Him and kap was obviously furiously mad at the guy for breaking up on me but they still helped me. hehe. Though they were telling me zillion times that its not worth wooing someone back but the hardheaded me did otherwise.

During my on and off relationship on 2006, Vhin has been somewhat popping up more than usual. I didnt know he broke up with his girl then so I kept distance.

When my relationship finally ended june this year, Rhea and Vhin were two of those who took care of me.I refused to be courted, so he just kept me company.

We kept on seeing each other almost everyday. He's either waiting for me at McDo Lasalle after classes or in glorietta after work hours. And because I am still super vulnerable at that time, I told him to stop seeing me for a while.

Some days later, he called me up to let me know there was an offer to work in Brunei and if he takes the offer it would only take a month or two till he finally leaves. He was hesitant and was asking me of my opinion. I was saddened at the thought of him leaving but who am I to make him stay right? So I said he just have to go and follow his dreams. When we hang up the phone I cried. I knew Im gonna miss him but I cannot commit yet?

Around august we started to have a routine, we'll see each other every wednesday to attend midweek service at Bread, we'll go home to Calumpit every Friday, then go to Manila Sunday night. During those times I got to know him better. Traits that I missed out before started showing in fireworks form, hehe heart shape ba!

You know when youre totally focused on other things tendency is for you fail to notice the goodness of other persons around you. Only when I decided to get to know this guy was I able to see how great a man he really is.

Okay then, he is a good man all right. But am I ready? Before my birthday he told me he loves me. Well even before my birthday naman, i knew he had feelings already...his eyes tell it so, his actions tell it so, his take care texts tell it so.

Come September 21 day before he finally goes to Brunei, we had a date. I knew that I have fallen but I was still hesitant. I knew my actions gave me away but my mind kept on telling me the time was not ripe yet.

No day apart did he forget to call me. My inbox was suddenly filled with love letters and modern harana (modern harana means mails with MP3 lovesongs attached to it hehehe).

But one day, i was overwhelmed by all the things that he does. I feel the need to reciprocate his love but my mind still refuse to jump in. In short I was pressured and I mailed him to stop. (did i really ask u to stop? so sorry)

He was obviously heartbrokened and he agreed not to text or call me. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was so dumbed to let go of such a loving and caring man. So i took a chance to call him, but his phone was out of reach. It was so frustating and I was so scared that anything bad may have happened. Great that he just went out to catch some fresh air and to unwind.

That same night I apologized. Was I glad that he accepted and he calls me again. 3-weeks from his hiatus on Brunei he took a leave and was back to manila to meet me. He was complaining about his aching teeth pero alibi lang nya un (me thinks ehhehe).

October 12, 2007 we became an item. December 24 he proposed. October 12, we'll tie the knot. Too fast? Not really. It took 15 long years till both of us met. Now that the journey started, there's no stopping. =)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a night to remember

Hours before Christmas eve, everybody's busy, either preparing food for noche buena or packing their gifts for their loved ones. While the mommy's are busy preparing food and looking at their children, Ate La tasked me to decorate the house with ribbons for the gift giving and the little party the family will have for Christmas. So I put ribbons here and there enough to make the house look happy, glad Minette was there to help. She said she'll join the party coz her parents are already sleeping and her siblings won't come home till the next morning, Christmas day.

I was especially inspired to do the decorating part because that would be my and vhin's first Christmas party with the family. Well, i also cooked the hot choco pero thats too minimal and too easy to do compared to the meals nanay and ates prepared.=P So ribbons galore it was, i put every ribbon left from packing gifts hehe.

I told them we have to start early coz me and vhin will still have to leave at 11pm for the Regalado's party naman. haaay hectic! So we did start early, duds arrived 9:30pm but I guess the party started around 10. Vhin was wearing a white shirt with ME written on it. I told him to wear yellow but then again its ok coz ME = EM.

Family's almost complete except for ate leng's. So the men were there, Tatay, K.Khyl, K.Glen, the mommies, Nanay, Ate Mai, Ate La, the kulets, Gail, Simon, Mik, Kiel & Kean, and there was minette and of course me and Vhin.

Ate La asked me to call minette (who went home to change)because the party is about to start. When i went back I wondered where Vhin was so I checked the kitchen CR , the store and even went out again to look for him. When i am about to go upstairs ate la said Vhin needs to go to the bathroom and told me to just let him be. The kids were also upstairs and they were laughing. Right there I knew something's cooking and I don't know what it is. Haha, i wondered if he'd go down in Santa suit and hand down gifts to everyone. Or maybe he and the kids will sing or dance. I was literally trying to figure out how they were able to convince him to do a special number.

Then Ate La played a love song. A LOVE SONG? Why on earth would she play a love song on Christmas eve. I did change the song to a more Christmassy beat but Ate changed it again. haaaaay, I was really ultra slow (hand me iodized salt please). So Ate called the children to go down stairs. All the while I thought they'd be in red but they were all in white!

When I saw Kiel his white shirt with "WILL" written on it, I have to cover my mouth to hide my smile, for only then was I able to connect the dots. Next to go down was gail and mon with "YOU" and "MARRY" on their shirts then mik came down with a blue box (a blue box!!!) and then came down Vhin. I can't exacltly describe how i felt. They lined up and Ate La read the words aloud "WILL YOU MARRY" then she hand the mic to Vhin to read what's on his shirt. I dont know what happened, but his voice turned into a Chipmunk voice and said ME very chipmunky! hehe. Kinabahan ang lolo ko! Twas very fast that I even forgot to look at my parents for permission. I just said YES when they asked me for an answer. And YES it is! Its for real!!!

Then Vhin went towards me and hand me the blue box! OMG i have a ring!!! So he put it on my ring finger ( and i have to coach him to put it on the left, wink). i wanted to hug him and hug him tight but my parents are there so i just hold his hand took him out from the limelight and hid him a bit towards our store. Then he said " ano nga sagot mo?". Aaaaaay, I love this man!

Sabi nya"Nung nagsabog ng kabaduyan si Lord ako lahat sumalo." hahaha. Baduy or otherwise, I would have still said yes!

So there friends were engaged! Again again again WERE ENGAGED! Ayiy!!!

We played paper dance, at kahit sobra na ung paa ni duds sa paper di pa din nila kami dinidisqualify!!!
Tatay gave nanay a necklace, ako ang kakuntsaba ni Tatay pagbili dun. ayiy sweeeet!!!
We went to SanMarcos at 11pm were Tito Ambin gave his gift ala Santa Claus to his pamangkins and ate noche buena with his Nanay.

"Christmas spent with loved ones and the one I love!" Indeed it was and a lot more!!! Cheers to us and for 2008!

Special thanks to Ate La and Minette for conniving with my future husband in this proposal. And lots of love to my fiance for the effort and guts, all for the love of nyemnyem. A night I would always remember.

(today 7 days after I still couldnt stop grinning)

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