Friday, August 26, 2011

Every Girl needs Girl Friends

Need as in required or necessary, something you cant live without.
Every girl needs a girl friend, and a set of girl friend is definitely a blast! Meet my fabulous girl friends:
UDETTE >>> We got closer when we sent each other emails about love and life and ministry. When we were younger as in I am 17 I think and she is 14, we were inseparable in one of our youth camps. It was in Baguio and we talked a lot during our 4 hour trip back home. A very strong lady with a loving heart, set to marry her 5yr bf A on December 23, her ___th birthday.

MINETTE>>> She's my cousin, alvin's accomplice during his proposal, my kalaro during younger years I am 6 years her senior but we still played hehe. She's makulit, mabait na anak and loving fiance of Bim who is her first boyfriend.

APPLE>>> She calls me Mommy i call her anak, it started when I was the youth president. This beautiful lady is secretly I think engaged to her Ad. Di na namin pinipilit magkwento baka mapressure.

GAYE>>> meet Juleen Gaye. She's straight. Every time she's asked are you gay? She says yes and then she'll say I'm straight. Confucious ang kausap nya. Kasi naman si Mommy Eden Gaye pinangalan sa kanya ano ba? But really Gaye is our funny girl sa group next to IVY.

IVY>>> aka Ninin is the ultra funny girl. She's the one to call when we were having dull moments. Nin always have a joke ready for everyone but she also has great advice to give.

AUNEE >>> The chica girl of the group and the absentee. Her life in sales made her life more busy. She can change her hair color in one heartbeat, one day blond next brunette, then she will try curls and then she'll ask for a rebond. So chica.

GET>>> She and Aunee are the absentees forever ng group. As she is now residing in SG.

ELIZA>>> aka Neng. She and Boy didnt have a child until their 4th year or 5th then Hobie was born, after barely 6 or 7 months she got pregnant again! Testament that you just have to wait for the blessings to come, sometimes they come in bundles once it is time!

ELSA>>> Mother to kulit kid Ella and baby number 2 I dont know the name haha, what kind of girl friend am I? We miss you girl paramdam ka haha.

ELLEN>>> She became youth president after me. Almost all of us became youth leaders nga pala. She is now mommy to Eram and my godson Xyler who's mmilk is Enfagrow hehehe (you better know why I put the milk here Len)

I took their facebook profile pictures, grabbed is more appropriate. Some I have to look for other albums since their profile pic is just their name written in the sand or she and her bf holding hands :P
On one of our pics in FB Juleen's mom commented
if CHRIST is the center of friendship,,, it will last forever,,, God bless mga anak
and AMEN to that.

Thank you dear Lord for beautiful and awesome friends.

Case of the Unpretty Momma Moment

Today, I feel pretty actually "ehem" I am hahaha! I had my hair rebonded and cellophaned to a dark brown shade. In my quest to feel pampered I went to the salon and had my hair done and my toes too but that's a tragic story since the girl "murdered" my toe - healing now so no worries.

For some, hair treatment is a regular thing. I do mine annually, whenever I feel unpretty and confidence level is going down. These past months we were busy with all the things that needs to be done I have ignored my hair and then one day I looked at the mirror and saw that my supposedly crowning glory isnt so glorious anymore. NIGHTMARE.

So since it is my birthday month I decided to go to the salon this August. Procrastination made me waste the first 3 weeks so I was only able to go there this week.I met my gff pa naman on the 1st week and I just had to put my hair on a ponytail since my hair has a mind of its own ayaw sumunod kahit lagyan ko ng conditioner, aaargh. I was cramming already because birthday ko na sa 31 hindi pwede pangit buhok ko, good thing Wednesday is free!

Rebond here in the province is relatively cheaper than in Manila. I asked at Toni and Guy last year and they quoted me 8,500++ for a rebond. Cost here is 75% cheaper. Do the math! But yes, T&G is T&G - the salon of the rich and famous!!!

If you are a mommy and you feel down, I suggest go find time for yourself and have your hair done. While you are there, ask for a pedicure too.

Case of the Unpretty Momma. SOLVED


Ouchy, I happen to have the most incredibly stubborn and biggest 'singaw' (mouth ulcer) in the world haha exag, but yeah it is that big that I couldnt smile enough because my gums will hurt.

I discovered Pyralvex when I still had dentures and mouth ulcers abound because of it. And when that happens I just go to the dental clinic and ask the dentist to put some on the sore gums. Eventually i had to buy myself a bottle since dyahe na to go to the dentist often.

Last week I had this mega mouth ulcer and Bactidol just wont do. So there, if you had gums like mine that grows stubborn ulcers you might want to try this product. This is not a paid advertisement, just me sharing it to you because its really hard to wear a smile when it literally pains you.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


have u heard about it yet? There's a new tv-musical that is truly asian! And the best part is two of our own recording artists topbills the show, Christian and Karylle!
"THE KITCHEN MUSICAL (TKM) is a 13-part genre busting television series that fuses fine food, great wines and sizzling drama and comedy in the musical world of two-star restaurant, The Avilon. Serving soon. from youtube"

Karylle plays Maddie Avilon, her dad owns the place and she's a graduate of culinary arts in Paris.
Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray a sous chef. He did not sing one bit on both trailers below I wonder what his character is like.

Is that Jaime Fabregas acting as food critic? I will definitely watch this show!!!
"This is the first international musical television drama series produced in Singapore for the regional and international markets, airing on AXN Asia, MetroTV in Indonesia, nTV7 in Malaysia, and Studio 23 in the Philippines.source"
I bet the whole south-east asia will love the show as it is packed with international superstars like Hong Kong supermodel Rosemary Vandenbroucke. Our Gerard Salonga is the music arranger.
Way to go Karylle!!!
oh ano dong, nakanganga ka ngayon no :P

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Clutter Please

There is Time for everything under the sun - Ecclesiates 3

Hence, there should also be a room for everything hehe. By everything I mean -clothes, shoes, books, groceries, linen, kitchen stuff, tools, even the iron board and walis should have its own place. We are still thinking what to do with hubby's bike, maybe we'll hang it to save space.

The husband likes a medyo-zen inspired theme, may medyo kasi hindi sya black and white, more like brown and white nga eh. This zen thing is about the design, we wanted it to be calm and well lighted, the design books calls it that so zen it is.

Problem is we had accumulated a lot of stuff and we are but three in the family. Declutter to the max alert. 5S activate. seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. Well whatever that means 5S. All I know is that when they say 5S we have to sort and clean up our desk to provide room for new things. Garage sale is highly probable.

Since jap style nga, we want to make the place simple pero rock! I dont like big jars, tiny figurines and big flower vases with big flowers crowding the rooms. Please please make the mothers know that we dont like big jars/flower vases as gift lest it might break their heart if we dont use it.

I am really hoping for a lucresia plant gift from friends, hi udette!!! Also, it is my wish that none will gift us horse shoe, charms, an octagon mirror and the like. I firmly believe that if I entrust to God our house we wouldnt need anything else to protect it from evil forces.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Was canvassing ovens for some time now for my fabulous (yes I will keep on dreaming and you cant stop me) kitchen. I have been going back to SM appliance center and have been eating my heart out over this ELBA 61x631G free standing cooker.

stainless steel surface 18/10
3 gas burners, 1 hotplate

gas oven
gas grill

60cm L x 60cm D

Yep, I did looked at La Germania and the other brands, but this makes my heart happy. It is 60x60 which is bigger than my first oven which the fire took story here

What made me more excited was that Connie Veneracion, the woman behind Home Cooking Rocks uses the same brand! I only happen to remember because her blog today is how to clean ovens - which I need to know too.

We purchased ours last Sunday and it will be delivered this week! Excited much to bake some fabulous cakes :D

If only I have baking pans to bake my cakes to (the fire took all of them). I need square and round pans and cookie cutters too! Did I say that my birthday is August? Hi Tita Mai! Hehehe :D

Wish Wish Wish.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Here Comes August - THE HELP movie review

Aint it just Christmas yesterday? A little more days and we'll all be spending for gifts again nyahaha.

SPEND that word has been a major thing to us lately. There were a lot of things to buy for the dreamhouse project, it is on it's last stage and boy our saving account seems like it is being devoured by a gargantuan creature. No regrets though, we are all excited about it. First time Thea visited the place there was no paint yet and the little girl didnt want to go inside. But now that the primers are painted the princess happily glides from one room to another, what more if the make-up is done. Joy! Where hoping all work is done by the end of August.

Did I say end of August? Does it ring a bell? I dont know about you but it sure does to me? Why? Well, I was born AUgust 31st!!! WOuldnt it be nice to bake my birthday cake on my own fabulous (oh please just let me dream ayt) kitchen?

I started the month with a book called

I have a thing for books with "NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE" phrase. This one even has a
"If you read only one book... let this be it."

Those words made me stop and want that book then I opened my wallet to get P315 pesos. Now that's cheap compared to book prices at Brunei bookstores.

I once bought a book because I saw that Julia Robert will play the role, I am a huge fan of hers. So I grabbed the book when I saw it at the shelf and took it home. I didnt finish it. Now I know better, the "NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE" clause is not really true if Britney Spears likes it hehe, joke lang peace tayo Brit ha.

But this "THe Help" book is different. The story is nice, educational and that gorgeous Kathryn Stockett writes well. The movie will come out on August and that's this month! Well it is another movie I cant wait to see, next is Twilight's last series.

The Help official website I only googled the book after I finish reading it so I wont read any spoiler. And glad I did because the book is good from start to finish.

Now should I ask Kathryn for publicity fees?

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