Monday, October 20, 2008

sick mommy :'(

Un nga. I am sick since friday, huhuhu. I have this bad cold. Hopefully baby is ok kahit i sneezed often. Buti, this morning I have been feeling better. No more teary eyes and running nose. Thanks for Nanay E and Nanay A's caring hands =) mwaah mwaaah. U should have seen my room last night, parang fruit stand ung table.


October 16, 2008
Twas little "pogi" Kiel's bday! Happy birthday Kielzee! Tita NyemNyem loves you.
Nanay A and Nanay E
We went to SM Pampanga on Kiel's birthday. I was looking for a tray which Nanay asked me to buy for baby Althea, Gail asked me who's Nanay I was referring. So I told her i was referring to Nanay Dolores. Then she said, in a matter of fact tone, I should always distinguish which Nanay. Then she said, dapat Nanay A kasi Alvin tapos Nanay E kasi Emma. Oo nga naman!!!
First Ultrasound Due Date prevails
The first trimester's ultrasound Due Date has much more bearing than the subsequent ultrasound expected delivery date. Which in my case is last week of October. that's Oct 28 to Nov 1. Huwaaat???
False Alarm a Many
Sobrang daming false alarm moments. For now we all just have to wait for her grand show. hehe.

Un na muna, antok na ko. Besides they might see me and scold me for logging in the internet at late night. Sick mommy pa naman ang drama ng lola mo hehehe. baka di na ibili ng fruits si bunso. =P

Nyt nyt everyone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hala Sige Lakad!

Im due 22nd of the month. On my 37 1/2 weeks Doc. Carol, my O.B., advised me not to travel far as I may give birth anytime. So i have been on leave since October 6 coz it wouldnt be good if I work at Fort Boni and would have to travel north to give birth at Malolos. So bum I was since last week, not really hehe, I was busy preparing Althea's little things and boy was it a chore.
Baby's hospital bag - check
Mommy's hospital bag - check
Thea's cabinet - check
Baby bottle - sterilized, check
Mommy birthing ready - not sure =P

Monday, my 39th week visit to clinic, O.B. told me she'll be out of town on Sunday, 19th, and on the last week of October. Huwaaat, additional pressure to give birth agad. So come tuesday, I was up at 5:30 walking from San Marcos to La Residencia then back to San Marcos. I was accompanied by my hyper mother in law, who btw is a jogger. Imagine her pace then compare to mine, I didnt try to keep up her pace baka manganak ako sa daan hehehe. We walked and walked until around 7am. When we arrived back to San Marcos, Tatay Fred said - "Ang bilis nyo naman?". Huwaaat??!??

This morning, (I am back here in Calumpit) I woke up at 5:30am. I walked again but not as far as yesterday. Me and Nanay walked to buy pandesal, made a round to one block then off home we go. Naguilty naman ako dahil 10 min lang un, so after eating pandesal, I walked again to buy newspaper and took the long way coming back to our house.

Its all up to Althea. Maybe she still enjoys swimming in there. Until she comes my status will be "Hala Sige Lakad' mode.

Butterfly Award =)

Thanks galore to Chiefor this award =D

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:
1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
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OMG. can I nominate the one who nominate me?
Here are the sites i frequent:
1) Chie tops the list
2) Bunz
3) Markeventhough he doesnt update his site much
4 & 5) Ala Paredes and Bianca Gonzalez hehe as if they know me =P

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5 things i heart about DIVI!!!

The first time I stepped foot at Divi, i am so scared. A probinsyana girl, getting out of a Baliaug bus has heard so many holdaper and snatcher stories from her sisters and parents. But as I get used to my Bulacan to Divi rides, I began to love the place and the fab things in it.

When nyemnyem got preggo, hubby has never permit her to go to Divi until last Saturday! His parents fetched me from my boarding house to take me home but I asked them if we could meet my sissies shopping at Divi before going home here in Calumpit.

So there I was in one of my favorite shopping places, syempre hindi ba ko magshoshop? I was able to grab a few toys for inaanaks and some trinkets for friends. Ang saya saya! Bongang bonga talaga ang divi lalo na pag malapit na pasko! I was really hoping to finish shopping before althea comes coz i'll be busy taking care of her pag andito na sya. Nway di ko man napamili lahat Saturday turned out to be super fun.

Here are 5 things i heart about Divi:

1) great finds! supah dami dito from trinkets to big stuff di mawawalan sa divi!
2) bargains! its fun to haggle with tinderas especially when u know how much you ought to get those fab finds.
3) the maze! from tutuban to divi mall, recto to ylaya, a non-pro would get lost if unaccompanied by a professional divi person.
4) people! you'll meet variety of people here. too many characters and culture to handle. you never know who you are talking to or what they do believe in so you better be cautious everytime.
5) food! daming sarap and murang food dito. seasonal fruits are the best, mangga in march are supah cheap sarap pa! ngayon apples abound Divi.

Tara shopping na! hehe, para namang papayagan ako no! (pwede pabili na lang ng bumblebee sa divi mall) =D

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