Monday, November 16, 2009


Wanted Girlfriend #1
Though we have friends here, they are not quite like those in Manila. There's certain inner circle here that you wont be able to penetrate unless they want you in. Not that I want to get in, I just want to have gf's whom I could talk my heart to, who I can share my jokes without even thinking how they would perceive it or if they would get offended. Girl talk are a lot different here than my comfort zone. Someone Who I can come to their house anytime, for no apparent reason.

Wanted Girlfriend #2
WHen you need someone to listen, when all you need are their ears and not their lips, sissies in Pinas come to mind first. They know when to talk and most especially when not to.

Wanted Girlfriend #3
Vanity, Hair, Period, Clothes, Lipstick shade and other girl stuff are just some of the things husband wont be able to understand fully even if he tries or google evertything. There are just things Mr. Google cant answer.

"today i just need yorur ears"

I will wean Thea, antay lang kayo wag kayo mainip.

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