Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i need energy boosters

I need energy booster to...

1. make me wake up at 6am in the morning, do chores sa bahay and go to office early so i could do my assignments here. doing assignments at home is chaos especially we don't have a study room.

2.anticipate valentines day hahaha guess what? i will be reporting on that day, i dread 'options', eeeew. i've been reading a lot about it and the more i read the more i get scared. there are hundreds of issues and i dont know if i could ever grasp everything. and yes, i wish someone, sometwo,somethree hahaha will give me flower/s. Mak, since you're the only one reading this... (complete the sentence)

3.become pro-active in everything i do, have to do and should do. i.e. church, family, office, school and lovelife!!! yada yada 8)

4. write some more but i dont have time

oh my, i almost forgot to tell you, i went to bacolod last monday and went back yesterday tuesday. we went to the No. Negros Geothermal Plant and it was beautiful, the view deck is great cold, windy.. lovely! bought piaya and napoleones. the city is not as great as cebu but the people are malambing, nakakatuwa! we also had a short trip to mambucal, which we could have enjoyed better if we were walking but again due to timeretraint we have to tour on a car. sayang may wall climbing, slide for life and swimming pool pa naman. i would go back there promise.
i dont have pictures kasi both me and didnt bring camera. nways, thanks to janice, nene and amay who took time to tour us. =)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

let the pictures do the talking

M - em

nene, baby, inets and shem, my angels during badjao gift giving, sulipan, apalit pampanga

and here's inets packing gifts

the green team on christmas day! just after cheering 'green galing galing, galing galing, green green green' on the tune of boom tarat tarat! yaaiks =)

new year's day. i dont have a good camera so be nice and try to figure out who were on the picture! =P

the first two weeks of 2007 was a blast! there were so much happening and too much work that was why i couldnt include writing here on my hectic sched! haha

ok so here it is, syemps, new year new _ear! hahaha. connect the dots. basta i enjoyed the new year!
then went back working on the 2nd of january.
I attended d midweek service on Wednesday at on-stage, which will be my last for this term since I have classes starting the following wednesday
on the 5th, friday me with boardmates mhay and anne with bob -anne's fiance went to MOA er. Mall of Asia, i also bought my lampshade that day!
next day, 6th, is my Institutional Orientation at Taft
Sunday was church day, i gave an assignment sa youth " why was the first day of the month called january? do you know why? that's another entry.
Monday - 8, placed the study table and fixed the house
then Tuesday, i went to Mall to have my eyes checked and to buy my new eyeglasses @ 25-25 vision
Wednesday was my first day of school. Met new faces and got surprise by the length of the syllabus. would you believe, i have to pass a term paper come March? aaaaaw!
Thursday we had gone out for lunch for J.P.'s despedida, he will move to another company come Monday.
And today the 2nd day of class for calculus for finance, i hope the subject will be tolerable. buti na lang i only have two subjects kung nagfull load ako pano na ang buhay ko?
I have an aching tummy today. last night, i was rolling on my bed in pain literally. as in it was so painful that I had to take medicine by 12 midnight.

So there was the two first week of my life. issues like bosses' transfer to another dept., finance team at church and school (and yes love) deserves a new entry each. i hope i'll manage to have time for each.

ciao for now. mwaaah mwaaah.

plus here are pictures from davao, which i only got yesterday! i was sexy, i love that dress!
wine wine wine delilah!

durian durian musikahan!

noreen, em, maam nen, jocel & ruby! o di bah, kaberks namin si miss nenen!

corplan beauties! ehem ehem!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a glimpse of 2006

Movies watched: Narnia, Rumor has it, Pride and Prejudice, She’s the Man, Just Friends, When a stranger Calls, The Sentinel, Da Vinci, Superman, RV, The Break Up (some I can't remember, hindi nakasulat sa lanner ko) Nways, this list is not much compared to 2005, you should have seen my list kaso i think I lost my notebook, grrr.

Started blogging last March it is as if I am talking to people virtually nyaha!

Went to different places:
Feb 24-27 Masbate – Cebu these were the fun times
June 11-12 Bataan – with my by heart friends, miss you guys!
June 16-18 Legazpi – with best buddy Shawy
Aug 17-19 Tacloban – Leyte – Ormoc – for corplan group planning
Aug 20-29 Cebu – Bohol – outing with Ate Vi, hiyee girl musta Scotland? (as if she reads my blog)
Nov 20-21 Davao – Cebu - roadshow for EDC’s priva met beautiful people there too and the hotels were sosyal day!

2 new roommates: Mabel moved in January 16 while Anne moved in around May

On health: Except for the common cold and flu I didn’t had any serious ailment.
Tatay had this throbbing tooth which couldn’t be removed due to high blood pressure
Nanay’s tummy aches and needs continuous check-up, her breast had a little lump but subsided eventually she says. I kept insisting she take a mammography test, she refuses.
Ate leng underwent Raspa last March 10, for her supposedly 2nd child. She is now pregnant (again) and we pray still for the baby’s health since she incurred german measles while conceiving.
Tito Ely, inet’s tatay, was in and out of the hospital this year, due to bypass and heart attacks.
Please pray for everyone’s health, hope this coming year would be better for each of us.

Bought: Sewing Machine @5.4K last Aug 3
La residencia lot late September

Abroad dream: Secured clearances from school and from CHED, gone to interviews including that from Grander where I met an interviewer with no manners, her traits matches her supladang face. I have to postpone the dream.

In June, I started beading. Foremost is to be busy and release negative energy (haha). Second was to earn from it, the beaded purse and then the beaded accessories. I wrote about it na last time tignan nyo n lang.

Exchange of emails with beauteous Udette, again to keep myself busy and reconnect with friends and youth. Glad I did, I am so ever thankful to this girl. Mwaah mwaaah. Kudos to you!

I am again elected Church Auditor for 2007, hope I’d be able to audit the FS and the systems well this year. Was also elected VP for young professionals, I still don’t have clear plans, so help me God.

Two girl friends gotten married, neng and nin. I caught the bouquet yet again which reminded me that the myth is so untrue. If it was I should have gotten married after ate la.

My heart was tested and was brought to emergency room for a bypass surgery ( I was willing to undergo a change of heart that time), then friends accompanied me at the recovery room and is now an outpatient. It hasn’t recovered fully but it is in great shape now. I hope none like that would happen again especially after December 30. (Nyahaha) I think I shall have to keep that to myself muna. Thank you to my ever faithful friends who has kept me company!

Last quarter, I started going through the admission process at Lasalle. Took exam on Nov 23, got interviewed on dec 9th, confirmed on the 19th and shall have to pay for my fees on the 6th that’s this coming Saturday., classes will start on Monday. My schedule though is every Wednesdays and Fridays, 6-9pm

2006 is a good year after all! Good news, Bad news Who knows? Only God knows.
All things work together for good, ayt?

So cheers to double 07 and celebrate life in its entirety. Happy new year!
(Next plans for 2007) I hope will be able to write one again tonight!

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