Thursday, September 03, 2009

2 months to go and she'll turn 1

Yahoo, my little girl who isnt so little anymore turned 10 months last Sunday. Happy birthday sweetheart. Mommy loves you so so much. The pics are taking so much time to upload, I used the new phone and it got 8.1MP - ok now I'm bragging harhar.
pic during my birthday syempre terno ulit kaming magina. nagsusungit sya nun eh ayaw magpapicture
laki na talaga ni THea and she's only 10 months
look at her arm may bandage strip. culprit:mosquito grrrr

Thea can roam around... crawling or just pushing her butt till she reaches her destination. She can stand in the stroller that's why it's really hard to leave her there. One time I was cooking and left her at the stroller a while later she's calling me "Ma" and I was like " sandali lang anak nag-aayos lang si mommy" the she said again "Ma" yung naiiiyak iyak na only then di I saw na nakalusot na yung 2 paa nya sa isang hole and malalaglag na sya. Nyaiks. Good thing marunong na syang tumawag kay Mommy!

Oh she loves backyardigans too, pero yung intro lang. Have I mentioned her clothes are for 3 years old? Yeah she's that big alryt! She likes biscuits but doesnt like rice a pain pag pinapakain especially when I cook something just for her. Heartbreaking... Oh well, she'll eat din naman eventually...

We'll celebrate her birthday here in Brunei. We booked the place already. We'll celebrate na lang ulit dyan sa Pinas when we go home on December, ok?

extra: young love is sweet love really! i had this friend request from a certain kid named "suman" who i've been ignoring until i saw a pic and thought maybe i do know who suman is. so i clicked the link and yeah i know him alright - my cousin who's 16 or 17 years old. the primary photo has his and her gf with a title "suman and puto". ahem so that's why he's suman. soooo sweeeet nakakasamid. nyahaha

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