Friday, September 30, 2011

Pray For Calumpit

Certified Calumpitena asking for prayer from the blog world.

It rained heavy last Tuesday September 27 but we got NO as in 0 flood.
Come Thursday the dam started releasing water and it went chest deep. Today September 30, it is reported that the river has overflowed from the Calumpit bridge meaning Mac Arthur Hi Way is now flooded too, that's the road in between Apalit and Malolos.

Water has reached our house this afternoon. Never in my entire life did our house been flooded, imagine now how deep this can be to other areas. We have evacuees already at my parent's house in Poblacion but since the water is getting deeper they will have to evacuate too. We want them to go here but they couldnt because there is water everywhere, I just hope they have water and food for everybody.

I am asking for prayers.

I will end with this verse.
“Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble..." -- Psalm 91:14-15

Remain strong and calm amidst the storm. God bless you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Project Dreamhouse at Wordpress :D

I know right? It's been a while since my last post and I even promised to make a blog about revisions.
Reason 1: Running errands for last minute preparation for the house blessing
Reason 2: I was having fun driving! I told yah, automatic cars are stress free. Clutches, Primera, Segunda, Tertiera, Quatra and Quinta drive me nuts.
Reason 3: The reason above all these is WE MOVED! Yey! well we havent finished moving everything yet to our new address, it might take months haha!

But this post is about my other blog at wordpress :D I called it project dreamhouse, because really it is! I started it last January 2010 but never came back until recently.

Good thing Wordpress now got new features for bloggers like me. I found it difficult to maneuver before but now it's as easy a ABC! It has a new jquery slideshow plugin!

The new SlideDeck is more convenient too. Since coding is not really easy for everyone it's nice that a simple click can make blogging easy for us :D

Here's the link of my wordpress blog click here. In case you want to to make your own wordpress account just click wordpress. Happy blogging everyone! Mwaaah.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

House Construction 101 - Part1

April 4, 2011 Start of construction of our dreamhouse project. But all of it didnt really began there, it began with the conceptualization of the design.

First you need someone to draw your house, I suggest you find your trusted architect to do the job or the known draftsman who drew almost all the houses in your area someone who they will vouch for, because everything will start on this crucial task.

The architect will ask you the lot plan and vicinity map, you'll get it from your subdivision engineer. Then they will have to visit the site, they need to look where the sun will strike best in the morning or set in the afternoon.

If you have a peg for your dreamhouse show it to the architect right away. But if you want him to surprise you and show you his design just tell him everything that you want your house to have. Do you want a gym, a bar, a 2-car garage, a closed kitchen, a wooden staircase, library, shoe closet, walk in closet, lanai? Just tell him and let him do the job.

This is our sala and dining peg. This is a mansion hehe so its quite huge ours is only 4x7ft.
For our bedroom we wanted something like this, it's from a hotel we stayed in Miri. Far right there's a hall that leads to a walk-in-closet sort-of then to the bathroom.

If budget is an issue, as it is always, I suggest you do your homework. Cut-out pegs from magazine, look here, here and here and a lot more - you just need to befriend google. Put them on a drawing board and "imagine", seriously! I draw ours in excel. The engineer I once asked to comment understood it naman since it has scale and labels. Imagineering at its finest!

Part 2 - Drawing revisions and more revisions

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Gift

Last 2009 I celebrated my birthday in Brunei, that was my first birthday as mommy nyem, I baked and had my two wonderful gifts with me - my daughter and my husband.
2010 we went to Miri, not exactly on my day itself but we went there just because I asked hubby and even though it took us 2 hours on the border to had our passports chopped it didnt matter because we all have each other and we got food hehe!
This year is different than the two previous years because we are here in Pinas, Calumpit to be exact and nyemnyem is very happy! I blogged here that I wanted baking pans for my birhtday and pans galore I had!
Baker Secret Muffin Pan from Ate Mai
Saturday before my birthday i got a call from Ate Mai and asked me what pan do I like, I said muffin pan, black. After a few minutes she called again, no black pans available just the gray ones, I said it is okay because actually I didnt know the difference hahaha! Then she said black pala is for professional churvaloo ;p Anyhoo, the pan is exactly what I need for my cupcake tower, a project for a friend's wedding. Reminds me to start practicing and googling the finest frosting :)
Pans from Ate Vi!
August 28, Sunday I met Ate Vi she wants to talk about our house project so I met her and told her about our dreamhouse project and the nightmares that go with it hehehe. Bits of what we talked about: contractor can get 1/3 of the whole contract price, doing it yourself naman will get most of your time, finishing is expensive :) Before she went home she gave me a bag with presents in it, at once I knew what those are. Got home and I opened them to see 3 pans for me, yey yey yey!!!
Got brownie pan too from Ate Lalah then I bought some more muffin pans for myself. The cupcake tower rack I bought is for 46 ( i think) cupcakes so I needed more pans.
Night of 28th we went to Gerry's to have a family dinner for my birthday. WHen was the last time we went our for dinner for my birthday, I cant remember either. So this is super special for me, a dinner for myself.
Here is the only picture I took before the camera's battery died :P

So we got no choice but to use our celphones camera
the kids having fun time with the iced tea dispenser
dinner with family care of husband
August 31 Wednesday at 12 noon Hubby's gift came. It got 4 wheels, is black and is automatic :D Thank you thank you! Today I drove it and I got bloopers like all first timers had. No worries sweetheart wala pa namang gasgas :p

Another year has ended another year to start. Dear God, please make me the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that I could be. Help me be a blessing to others. Thank you sooo much Lord for my family, my parents, my siblings, nephews and nieces. But most especially Lord thank you for the most special gifts: my husband and thea, most precious presents in the world!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Birthday Blog 2011

Foremost, my thank you's to all who texted, called and FB'd me during and even after my day.
Text greetings came from Nanay A, Ate Lalah and kids, Roseline, Nanay E and Tatay,Udette, Chie,Noreen, Lea, Ate Melda, Tita Cely, Ninin, Ate Vi, Ate Leng, Ate Mai and Tita Myr.
FB friends greets too, thank you Edward, Rodney, Ellen, Ate Levs, Victor, Angel, Udette, Bim, Rhea, Ate Liezl, Gaye, Inets, Leah, Nic, Third, Ghet, Lai, Aran, Apple, Kap, Bunz, Jenny, Ate Liria, Jean, Jenny B., Tina, Moppet, maan, Rose and Rodilyn for remembering.
The little girl did her classic way of greeting mommy on her special day, she woke up before 1am and slept at 4! Husband gave me a big hug and a kiss too but the little girl gets jealous hehe and daddy needs to go to office so he slept around 1:30.
Me and thea got to rest up to 9 and 9:30 I think. Got chores to do so I need to wake up before her because the day is a big day! I dont have special dish on the table just the petit mocha cheesecake I prepared the day before (ooops have I shared that I've been baking again lately?).
12 noon my Aunt came to deliver Alvin's gift (ill reveal it on the next blog), and we went out to fix it up to 1pm. Then Ate lah came and greets me with K.Glen, Kiel, Ate be and the preggy Joy!
Nothing much happened during the rest of the afternoon as I just waited for Daddy to come home excited for our date. So night came and Alvin knocked at our room with flowers on his hand saying "Pwede pong manligaw?" Ayiy!

Minutes later, me, alvin and thea were on the road. Hubby's tummy is acting already - he's hungry na. So I decided to just grab food at Cabanas but when we got there Thea doesnt want to go out. We went back on the road and decided to eat at McDo instead. I said McDonalds and Thea said DO DO DO! It was like our Brunei excapade last year dont you think? We were dressed and all but Thea doesnt want to go inside the resto so we just ate at the table near the parking lot! That doesnt mean we didnt have a grand time on my night, we did. Hubby ate his mcdo meal and I ordered fries for the princess and cafe latte for me. Happy birthday to me!

Having spent my day with my two special loves made my day wonderful!

Love Love Love

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