Friday, May 18, 2007

guess who got her DLSU full scholarship! Ayiy!!!

Nyem nyem will be seeing much of this sign for the coming months er years?

got to comply with this one, toink

i have many other things to be thankful for but this one is major, yahoo!
I want to give back the glory to God who gave me this wonderful opportunity to study at one of the prestigious (hehe, expensive) schools in the country. Thank you Lord!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

long live jumong!!!

I simply love Jumong, or the actor who played it, hehe.

Here are some of the reasons
1. Foremost, syemps, is his chinky eyes!!! Ang cute di ba? Or is it just a personal preference? Hmmmm Hmmmm?
2. Jumong said "father, pls don't blind my eyes from hate". whoa, what a line! If everyone will do that, what a happy place would the world be!
3. He's close to his mom pero hindi sya spoiled! Haha, too good to be true. Kaya nga I love him noh?
4. He talks very briefly and thinks long before making a hard decision. A man should always be like that. Their girl counterpart can do much of the talking. nyehe
5. When he looks at you, he seems so sincere. i love this guy!
---How to make me fall in love with you, just learn how to do that look while Im talking and you will win me for sure. Just make sure you will not scare me.(haha, now that's the hard part)---

Then I wish I can be like SoSeoNo

In love she was once impulsive,(ehem I know someone like her),but has grown mature and learned that emotions are not always necessary to follow. There are things that we have to set aside to conquer more meaningful and more important things.
She had prioritized her responsibilities over personal matters. Although she loves Jumong she could not make her clan and children suffer.

Aaaaw, when will I be able to do that? Haaay, marriage can wait, can it? I still have lots of things to do for my family and myself. Dreams that I may not accomplish if I get married soon. Besides I am still 27 and there's 3 more years to spare. Hehe, children have to wait. Too many a times I couldnt help think what my offspring would look like. Haha, oh yeah babies have to wait. Besides, responsibility of raising a kid is not easy at all right? So why hurry?

Last, teach me not to be like Daesu nor his mother

His mother taught him to keep the dagger in his heart, that way the pain and hate he felt will remain until the day of vengeance.

How sad, many people would do anything to stay in power or to have power. May I know not to be greedy and how to forgive wholeheartedly. Amen.

what it takes to be gwapo:
Be like Jumong!
ok, kidding

here's is my gwapo meter:

1. Kung malinis ka sa katawan naliligo araw-araw at nagtutoothbrush regularly, gwapo ka. Hygiene is important. TO ang BO at BB. ( turn off ang body odor at bad breath)
2. Nice teeth. Nice eyes. I am keen to nice teeth. Ewan ko kung bakit. I like it clean and white. To die for ang cute eyes. Jumong eyes' the best. Though my first super crush has these brown expressive eyes, its as if he speaks even if he doesnt talk. Ok lng din.
3. I don't like super big Arnold Swazenneger (i dont know the spelling) muscles. It scares me. He just need to be fit, though I extremely welcome nice abs =P
4. Got to have a good rest, diet and exercise habit.
5. Snoring is prohibited. If you do snore please let me sleep first.

1. Knows how to have solitude, how to laugh (it keeps us healthy) and knows how to recreate (meaning: not boring)
2. Can cry if need be and knows how to make good advise
3. Assertive. Meaning he knows what he wants and acts upon it (in a good way, that is). Weak men, turns me off.
4. Should not feel insecure if the girl eventually earns more.

1. Talks and walks the faith. Must know what he believes in and keeps it.

Good Moral Character:
1. needs to be vouched by a trusted friend, by one of my family members and my pastor

if you aced them all: GWAPO ka.
kung hindi baka gwapo ka sa measurement ng iba =p
kung hindi pa rin, gumawa ka ng sarili mong measurement

Friday, May 11, 2007

ten questions for the candidates

1. Why do you deserve to win the election?
2. What skills do you possess that will make you a good leader?
3. Is there some way you can improve the government?
4. What are the first 3 bills you will pass once you win?
5. Is education important? Why have you finished yours?
6. Will you hire relatives once appointed? And will you retire those loyal to your opponent?
7. What does your wife/husband and children say about you?
8. Do you believe in God?
9. If you are still 16 years old and about to enter college, will you take up nursing?
10. How proud are you of our country? Did you ever plan to migrate?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

quite inspiring, read on =)

A Letter To The Young Filipino Generation

Will it be hard for you to believe me if I tell you that we have a beautiful country that is worth dying for? Perhaps you might have heard from the older people that our government is a paradigm of extreme injustice, graft and corruption and lacking of integrity. Perhaps, you have also heard that our education system is mediocre; and, worst, in spite of mediocrity, it continues to deteriorate. Furthermore, you might have also heard that we are once the glory of academic institutions in countries such as Germany and France during our Dr. Jose Rizal’s time. Yet, now, most of our mothers and grandmothers are slaves in a foreign land, ripped of self-value—all these just so they can earn money and feed you well.

The state of our country is devastating. I will not keep you from knowing that our own countrymen have a distorted understanding and regard for leadership. I have many times wept because I feel that our countrymen no longer understand the value of a leader. With the kind of people vying for seats in our government, I have often wondered if leadership has really been understood as a call to serve and not a race to positions that satisfy whims. Probably, also, this distorted understanding of leadership gives birth to a distorted regard for a leader. For one, I have realized that terrorism is no longer a stranger to us—for we have always had it in different dimensions; simply masked by varying reasons just so rebellion can be justified. We are a people that have always rebelled. And I doubt if we do so because we are courageous; for probably it is because we have lost the patience and perseverance to respond meaningfully to a desperate circumstance. We blame and withdraw rather than contribute and support. I grieve at how emotional tantrums remain to be an involuntary response to discontent and weariness. Sometimes, we are too lazy to reflect and to contemplate that we give up on thinking. As a result we act in haste. Best of all, we are too arrogant, too preoccupied to even pray and seek divine wisdom. We contest even the infallibility of the Bible as if we know more or that we can offer a more meaningful and inspiring message.

And for all these, I apologize with deep regret and repentance that my generation, and the generations that have come before me, failed you. We could have given you a meaningful past, a hopeful present and a promising future if only we have worked with the right “lenses”.

I encourage you to work with the right lens by choosing to see not the death of our country but the new life we can give her. From this, I realize that we move in parallel with the disciples’ response when Christ resurrected. Probably the grief over Christ death was enough to paralyze the disciples’ hope for something beautiful and redeeming to still happen. All they saw was death; so, they responded in grief and fear—and lack of faith when Christ, finally, resurrected. I think that our countrymen are going through the same circumstance also. We only see the hopelessness of our country; and, thus we no longer move with spirits willing to conquer.

I beg you to no longer follow our footsteps. Wear the lens that clings to faith and let go of the stubborn refusal to believe that resurrection does come. So, you will neither move towards the most comfortable escape nor refuse movement at all. In effect, you will strive for better solutions and work hard to contribute instead of merely cursing the system, looking for and pointing at faces to blame. In effect, you do not leave the country in disillusion that you deserve a better place—for you understand that a better place is not what you see around you; but, rather what you strive to cultivate inside you. Thus, you will understand that hardship is meant to prune your character and teach you to let go
of your comfort zones, which disables you from exploring your greatest potential to conquer and lead. Move in faith; do not give up; do not surrender in understanding that you deserve to fight a good fight. Nomatter the difficulty of your circumstance, keep the hope by persevering and enduring. When the bleak circumstance of your country weakens you, remember to focus not just on Christ death; but, rather on Christ’s resurrection. It is because He did not just die for you—He resurrected for you so that you would believe and hope amidst the grief and loss. Claim this as His faithfulness to you. He gave you this country; this is your territory, so be steadfast vanguards of it.

Second, as you remember the story of Christ’s resurrection, recall all those who do not believe the testimonies of those who have seen Him. This same thing may happen to you, also. My generation, and the generations that have come before me, carry stories of those who have dared to effect meaningful changes in our country. It pains me to tell you that these stories began with beautiful dreams for our country; and yet ended in frustration. Why? When a population did not support their cause, these people began doubting not just their ability to succeed but also the meaning of their cause. This is very much unlikely to the disciples who have kept their stand in spite of opposition. I grieve to admit that most of us failed to keep our stands when our foundations are shaken.

I beg you to no longer follow our footsteps. Wear the lens that will humble you to fervently and sincerely pray for God’s purpose for your existence. So, when God finally reveals Himself and His plans for you—you will hold on to it dearly even if the swift tide of discouragement and unpopularity struggle to take it away from you. Then, bravely, you will go into the world; speak, live out and die for the greatest cause He has given you. You will go out into the world and reach out to as many countrymen as you could by inspiring the younger ones and encouraging the older ones. You will strive hard to live a good life not for your own good but for the next generations’—because you understand that this country is in need of heroes to emulate. Soon enough, the burden for excellence and meaning will not just be an output; but your way of life..

Third, as you remember the resurrection of Christ, realize that even after He went up to heaven, He has not forsaken His disciples. As His disciple carried out their tasks, Christ went with them by working with them and fulfilling His promises to them. What makes it easy to discontinue our battles in life is not the realization that we are weak; but, the realization that we are fighting alone. So, we shudder and cringe, bearing the dark just because we are too scared to stand in the light, only to realize that we are standing alone.

They say that if you want to see the future of a country, you should listen to the heart of its youth; for the song that echoes in there shall be the law that will soon rule the land. To my dear young Filipinos, each of you is destined to win. Dare to not give up: keep the faith, live your mission. Claim victory and raise this country to a new life that it deserves.

It is my fervent prayer that your generation would no longer carry our regrets and failures. Death prevails when one stubbornly refuses to hope and witness resurrection. Do not just curse the darkness; dare to light a fire.

Anna Casiding

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