Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stir fried Pork, Brocolli and Almond

I tried making the chinese dish this afternoon but I think I failed. The sauce is not that thick and all the while I was thinking of cashew because the recipe says cashew but I was putting Almonds.

Sure it was edible and how did hubby described it ahhhhm "different' harhar. SUch a nice way to say not his type of dish but its ok its really not an A-lister dish but yeah its different.

The time comes when I am pissed off with all the dish Ive cooked and want to concoct new ones. Tomorrow I might try fish on coconut milk, I havent done that yet and hubby said he'll eat whatever naman daw.

I havent done my half year assessment I dont think I can with the time that I have. BUt one is for sure I surpassed the 3-viand nomination I did last year! Yahoo and congratulations to moi.

Happy cooking everyone.

Btw, I wish I have an oven. I will try baking next time. I think I will be a great baker! wink wink

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