Monday, May 18, 2009

feeling "sarah tancredi (prison break)" and "bella swan" (twilight)

Bloopers muna: May 17, 2009 (hours before our first wedding anniversary)
I saw three cute paper origami figures in the bed, I saw a pair in the mirror and my husband now grinning looked at the headboard and there I saw another pair.So I exclaimed "WOW DAVID SCOFIELD!" then my husband said "MICHAEL"... ay oo nga pala, David is Copperfield hehehe. So there they were the origami my husband lovingly and artfully created for nyemnyem for our first year anniversary. He told me he needs to fetch the other birds. And as if my "David Scofield" line isnt huge plop enough, I acknowledged his artistry and said the ducks were really nice, with that he told me "Cranes". OH WHATEVER =D, I am definitely blown away. This is my Sarah Tancredi moment =)

Curious me opened the 12 cutie cranes and found sweet notes in it. Then he fetched something somewhere and I was given a card! Can you give my man an applause? He has surely given these some thought since his surprise antics has never been quite successful in history. But these has pulled everything off, great great great!

May 18,2009 (365 days since we tied the knot)
It's a Monday and Dad has to go to office for work. While I usually just open my eyes before he goes out to work, that day I was able to make him a breakfast and hot choco. Lunch was fab too, what with the favorite KareKare minus the bagoong which he doesnt eat and the Camaron Rebusado which I even have to google the recipe. Afternoon came and we're set for a date, again I was clueless to where were going but he prompt me to dress up nicely. So I took the only dress I got, my pretty pleated brown dress and got myself prep for the big date. Good thing MIL is here, we could leave Thea for a while. It's been ages since we went out just the two of us.
After almost an hour ride we reached the place, to my surprise he took a bouquet of red roses in the back seat and hand it to me. :) We dined at Spaghettini, at THe Empire Hotel, the only five star hotel here in Brunei. We didnt take pictures, only memories. It was a lovely night.

On our way home around 10pm, Nanay Dolores called us. In her frantic tone she said "Di ko na mapatahan to". That being said my hubby turned into his Edward Cullen mode and drove fast at the highway. The rain has poured and the road was wet and we were driving at 160km per hour, imagine my eratic heartbeat at that moment. Moreso when I saw a road sign that says slippery when wet I felt like hyperventilating! I prayed instead, ooops Bella wouldn't do that.

me ang my thea

All the surprises left me feeling guilty of not doing much of an effort to make my greeting more special. My timing was very very off:
1.Anniversary card came 2 weeks before the date itself, blame it to the postman... the snail mail must have ran faster than I figured. (Kasi naman my valentines and birthday card were both lost in transit, I wouldnt want my anniversary card lost too.)
2.The adidas jacket was replaced with a lee jacket. Though I knew he loves the fact that I put extra effort to connive with my sister to buy this from the Phils and have it brought here by his mom still I know that his heart wants adidas and only adidas jacket...
3.Thea's anniversary shirt was only worn for a couple of minutes, at least daddy was able to see the shirt before it was thrown to the wash bin.
I promise to make "bawi" next year...

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