Saturday, February 26, 2011

2 of my favorite topics: Thea and Cakes

I said I'll make more fab cake next time right? My little girl's pic will show you i've improved!

I tried making sunflower cake for Gail's 11th birthday, I'll go out to see my gf's too so I decided to make another one now heart shaped and since it was EDSA day sakto lang ang yellow theme!

THe pink heart cake is today's cake. We didnt know Ate Mai and the kids were coming, the cake I made for Gail is not here, so i made one for them and for the peeps here too since last night daw Tatay was asking if I have leftover cake. Eh sakto lang gawa ko for gail and my gf's. So there may 3rd cake ako for everybody.

These batch is yummier. I learned from past mistakes never to leave your cake in the oven otherwise it will dry up, mawawala moisture :D
sunflower cakes by moi. More fab cakes to come!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Born This Way

You're beautiful in your way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
You're on the right track, baby
You were born this way

No, I am not a fan of Lady Gaga. The first time I heard the song was when this kid sang it and I fell in love with it na. Well there are lyrics that I am not comfy like transgender and lesbian ... but the line I quoted above is undeniably awesome.

You're on the right track baby. :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Play Doh!

She used to refuse to touch clay now she enjoys playing with it especially when mommy makes hotdogs and she slices it with a "kunwari" knife!

Google says I could also hide a coin inside the dough and let Thea find it. Yey, another activity for tomorrow. I need to research a lot because Thea gets bored with old toys agad.

And the last pic is for daddy: My lovely little "drummer" pacute girl! Love love love!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thea's Sensory Book

i wish I knew where Thea's ninang bought this so I could recommend it to all the mommies. But if you cant find it just DIY for your kiddos, its a good activity for kids above 1yo:D

-Thea's pacute smile

Your kid will enjoy putting hand into the mitten, feel diferent textures and snap differrent shapes.
Thea's last picture is in serious mode, she's having a hard time removing the snaps eh

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Globe Broadband glitches

I need a portable internet and chose Globe Tattoo over Smart because the latter cant be installed on Windaws 7. In terms of techieness Globe outwit Smart here. The new Globe MyFi and the new faster tattoo (I forgot the name) is tempting, I want it but I dont want to buy them yet just because I have the tattoo which is relatively new.

Problem is I couldnt avail the unlimited surfing for a day because they gave me the Superfree promo last weekend. What the? I mean you should have told me that I wont be able to get other promotions if I am under another one, right? I phoned the customer service and she told me there's no way we can stop the Superfree promo. So I waited till the Superfree get expired and tried the Supersurf -the unlimited 24 hours for 50 pesos. Lo and behold, I couldnt avail pa din! I called them again and said I waited naman and I suppose I should be granted na the unlimited promo, the agent (now a boy named Jacob) said yes I should but there's a problem with their technical chuvaloo. haaay so now I am surfing at 5 pesos per 15 minutes , exag price hmmmp. If I said my name is Bella Swan, do you think he'd do anything to make them grant me the SuperSurf promo? :P

I wont rant any more it would take me another 15 minutes and I'll lose 5 peso again. So there babush. Dont forget do not avail the Superfree if you want to use the SUpersurf. Me never again :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


hi there everyone :D
February is a celebration month, there's valentines then lots of birthdays sa family.
So here are the cakes I baked for them. Next business will definitely include my cakes pero ngayon try muna sa mga kamag-anak pag naperfect na magdesign go go go!!!
for Ate's birthday feb 6
this and the last pic is for simon. today is his birhtday!

Simon's was a rectangle cake cut to make 2 cars. Opo, cars yan ha :D
The book said you can put them together and make them stand. But you see the cake is a little thin na even if you put them together they wont stand. So there, I just made two side view cars. I need to practice flooding the cake, ayan sumobra flood nagoverflow tuloy hehe. Next time, it will be more fab promise :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

wishing on a Twinkling Star

"Winke Winke yitey tar aw ay der wat are"

I just heard Thea sang her first song. Yep, you read it right she sang a song. I'll say it again now read with joy
I am a very proud momma!

Side kwento muna, yesterday her teacher said they were putting the star shape on the board and they heard her say "twinkle twinkle, I got a lil jealous because I havent heard it yet. Then I remembered last Monday she was doing the shape board with her teacher in Manila I sang Twinkle Twinkle, she was sleepy na kasi and I want to catch her attention. I didnt know she'd recall the song and say it to teacher tuesday. Her yaya told me she sang it too this morning, I wasnt there because I delivered order for the chocolate lollipops, so me naman though I am proud of her syempre I want to hear it too. A while ago she sang it to mommy with action pa.

My heart is sooo sooo happy. I love you much Thea. Mommy is very proud of you.

Oh and by the way, she got Mommy's voice :D
And here's me wishing on every Twinkling Star to hear more songs from my little girl.
wish wish wish hope hope hope

Saturday, February 05, 2011

valentines day goodies

Hey Hey Hey! Valentines na naman.

Didnt I say I'll launch my business this coming valentines? I tried baking several recipes. Bought heart shape pans, red chocolates, valentine cookie cutters the works men! Then suddenly we had a project to help our niece so the new valentine goodies include roses and rose chocolates.

I started making the rose chocolates early January. Googled/YouTubed the correct way of melting them, but I dont have a double broiler so set it in a very very low fire na lang. Then read some more about how to put filling, then searched for the right filling. The first try was too sweet for me but my tasters (aka pamangkins) liked it!

I was looking through the sched and the to-do list and saw the ginormous task I need to do. Hubby knew it too so he said I'd take the cupcakes off the goodies list.Oh my Oh my.

Oh well, I could use them some other time. Hopefully on the bridal showers of my two besties who are now engaged (deserves another post I know ).

So there, here are some pics of our chocolate popsies. So if you know anyone from Calumpit or even Apalit (hi Chie!) please endorse our goods ha.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

God Has a Purpose

God has a purpose when He gave me a good voice.
He knew I'll have a baby who will be musically inclined and I'd have to sing to her all the time to make her happy.
He knew I'll mesmerize my 2nd year classmate with "Till My Heartaches End" song and I will marry him years later.

God has a purpose when He brought us to Brunei.
He knew our relationship is young and we need to be away from our comfort zone to rely on each other.
He knew I wont learn how to cook if I stayed in Manila and work during the day.

God has a purpose why Thea isnt madaldal yet.
He knew things I dont know yet but I know in my heart He does have a purpose. I have to be patient till He gives me the answers.
And though I havent grasp His plan fully yet I learned to enjoy the little things I could have neglected if Thea started talking much agad. You see I beam with pride when she says "Uh Oh", when she says "POP POP" for bubbles, "YEHEY" when she's extra happy, HAYFAY for HI-5, (yes she still watch TV in moderation naman).

Last week, Ate Lalah asked her "Thea ano gawa mo?" Thea said "Jump Thea." I was like "Did she really say that?" I asked her again but you know Thea doesnt like saying it again so she didnt.

Then we went to playroom and played the dollhouse. It has a doorbell and I kept on saying DingDong DingDong, you know with the dingdongish ring sound. She loved it and even looked at me when I say it so I just kept saying it, well mommies want to make their children happy dont they? Then she asked to go out of the room na and she said "DiDung" I could still recall the ring sound of her voice. Twas a happy happy moment. I dont know if you can relate but I am in cloud nine that day. I kept on talking to her till my voice cracked haha!

There was this time too that we were reading Fiddle I Fee, she likes loves this book (next to Clifford i mean). It was a book with animal sound and when she looked at me during the sheep sound I knew she likes me to repeat it so I did a hundred times (exag i know) but you get the picture, I just said Baaa Baaa Baaa till I heard her say BAAA and then she smiled. Would you believe I almost cried?

Everynight I pray to God to please give Thea a new word for the day and when He gives it my heart just overflows. I still pray that she'll learn new words everyday but more than that I am thankful for the joy she brings me every minute of each day. I am thankful that Thea is healthy. I am thankful that she soooo love mommy.
Mommy loves you loads and loads my dear Thea. God has a purpose why we need to go to teacher, why we need to stay here in Pinas while daddy works in Brunei, why mommy keeps on brushing and massaging you in the morning, why you have to bounce on your gym ball, why we have to do several activities per day. When you grow up I want you to know that you are a strong girl and that you are sooo kind. Me and your dad are proud of you.

My dear friends God has a purpose for everything.
Hope and have faith and love love love.

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