Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today, November 26, 2009, is Thanksgiving Day =)
Every year I find numerous things to be thankful for. GOd has been so sooo good to me and my family. I know He is in yours too.

THis year, Thea kept on surprising us. SHe grew from a merely 3.2kg to a 15kg cutie girl. I am thankful that I have been able to see her grow. I saw the growth of her first tooth and experience the tantrums that go with it. Her laughter is always a cure to a bored heart. I am glad that I am there in her first year and am looking forward to years with her.

Last February, me and Thea moved here in Brunei to be with the husband. A blessing really since more and more families today are apart due to their work. There are some families who only see their parents once a week, some once a month and to other once a year. Sad. And I even know a family who havent seen their Dad for years only because if he goes home he couldnt go back to US any longer. Why do I say all these, just so you would know how blessed you are if you you have your parents with you. Thank you dear Lord because we are together.

Ondoy had brought serious loss to many of us. But I am thankful that our country is a fighter, a survivor of many calamities. We know how to help and that was seen in a vigorous campaign to help the victim of the thypoon. With God's help and each other arms we all can weather the storm.

Me and ALvin celebrated our first year as husband and wife this year. Such a joy to know I am with the best guy God could give me. He is my bestest blessing ever. Thank you Lord for the man who understands me, for the friend who keeps on pushing me to be the best in what I do, for Thea's father who will give everything to make her life easier. Thank you Lord for my husband and for making me see how blessed I am to be with him.

Thank you for all the friends I have, near or far. God sends them to warm my heart just when it starts to get cold.
Thank you for the internet, as we are able to communicate to families and friends in an instant.
Thank you for Backyardigans =D for making Thea smile, laugh, clap, dance!!!
Thank you for all the Nicholas Sparks books that keep me company when there's nothing else to do.
Thank you Lord for the work you still give us here in this foreign country. Thanks for the extension when many are asked to go home.
Thank you for the good health of my family.
Thank you for my sisters, blood or not, they color my world!
Thank you for always being faithful to Your promise that You will keep us safe.

Salamat po.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My facebook shoutout
"Samson succumbs to Delilah. Fame and Wealth can be destructive if you don't know how to handle them properly."

Have you heard about Manny Pacquiao and his 'not so hypothetical' love affair with another woman? It makes me sad, I bet all Pinoys are sad as well. After winning a big fight that made us all proud here he is embarrasing us all the same.

Lesson learned:
Be careful in choosing your friends. They might give you counsel you dont need and will ruin you.

Look back.

Respect the sanctity of marriage.

i want a "Team Jinkee" shirt

Monday, November 16, 2009


Wanted Girlfriend #1
Though we have friends here, they are not quite like those in Manila. There's certain inner circle here that you wont be able to penetrate unless they want you in. Not that I want to get in, I just want to have gf's whom I could talk my heart to, who I can share my jokes without even thinking how they would perceive it or if they would get offended. Girl talk are a lot different here than my comfort zone. Someone Who I can come to their house anytime, for no apparent reason.

Wanted Girlfriend #2
WHen you need someone to listen, when all you need are their ears and not their lips, sissies in Pinas come to mind first. They know when to talk and most especially when not to.

Wanted Girlfriend #3
Vanity, Hair, Period, Clothes, Lipstick shade and other girl stuff are just some of the things husband wont be able to understand fully even if he tries or google evertything. There are just things Mr. Google cant answer.

"today i just need yorur ears"

I will wean Thea, antay lang kayo wag kayo mainip.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


One of the greatest boxers in the world is a Filipino!!!
Congrats MANNY!

And you Cotto is a great fighter too, hopefully your bruises will soon be gone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nanay went to Brunei!


Madear arrived here last October 23 a week before Thea's 1st birthday. It was her first plane ride and we are all excited for her! And I told her to wear bonggacious clothes ehhehe, gusto ko lang mag-ayos sya =) I didnt reallly knew she and my kakunstsabanga ate lalah will make extra effort to dress up! Her clothes were fab! SUper long sleeves with ruffles pa daw sabi ni ate lalah, when I saw it sosyal lang naman pala di naman OP =)

The trip would surely be an exprience she'll never forget! But first look at her very touristy pictures:

On her way home via Air Asia, her trip was cancelled. Blame it on the typhoon. We were cramming already since we dont want her to stay at KK alone for a day. The air asia rep was such a pain, DH was telling her we have a connecting flight, all she did was tell us we have to cancel or rebook. No sorry nor sad face man lang. We booked nanay at malaysian air to catch her nxt plane. Hoping that the flight to clark wont be cancelled. Nov 1 was just really not our day, turns out MA lands at a diff airport than AA thus madear has to take a cab to airport 2 to catch the nxt plane and she has to do it all by herself, in a malay speaking country with just enough ringgit on hand (we gave her all we have just in case). As we bade goodbye at the Miri airport, we were hoping that everything will go swiftly. It went well and she landed at clark 5pm the same day. Thank u Lord.

More than the happening at the airport it was her stay here in Kampung baru that should be remembered. The week of domestic lifestyle, the bruneian culture -no people stay outside after 5pm, the meals that I cook, the cakes that I bake, the decorations we prepared and most especially the bonding with the bday girl and her bunso.

Going here is the best gift she could give me and thea. Nanay had been my companion on those first sleepless nights, when colic strikes at 7pm she's there to give a hand. Never did she scold me for doing my own thing with my daughter, but she kept on telling me it's really hard to raise a baby, her way of telling me she can see how hard I work for this little girl. She values my work at the office and is my #1 fan, yet she supports my decision to be a SAHM. I am happy that in those brief 10 days she had experience being a foreigner in these little yet rich Malay country.

It was indeed an adventure we'll never forget. Thanks for coming madear. Love you.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Super October!

It was indeed a great month. With my mom and MIL coming here to visit we were able to prepare better for the princess' party. Nanay brought all the stuffs I needed for the party from the lootbag, the prizes and the Aurora gown (boys, aurora = sleeping beauty the pink princess), my dress (the katricewear matching mommy and baby dresses which dont fit to both of us and is a different story, okay the empire size is 2 inches less than mine). THe week that they have been here was quite busy. Filling the pinata, blowing the balloons, cutting the crepe paper and making sure everything will go well. We were pretty tired but in the end we had loads of fun. YOu see we dont have a coordinator here nor tons of friends to help us decorate so we do it ourselves, umayos naman tignan nyo yung pictures =D.

Our princess had grown so fast, dalaga na! waaaaah
fmily picture after the party
Update: our toddler is maarte ngayon. I think the 9th and the Nth teeth are about to show, drool galore and she likes sucking thumb which she doesnt usually does, her temp is high too. Her fuzzyness makes me fuzzy too sometimes more when she bites me, awww. But love has made me more patient with her, I dont know how it feels to have a new tooth growing so I just let her be. Hopefully, she'll feel better when all the teeth are out.

Re: Katricewear clothes that dont fit. Yep, the empire size is only 33" if I were still single maybe it would fit, but I instructed them to make it 35", darn buti na lang may reserbang damit! Nway, sabi ni Marissa they could repair it, papadala ko na lang para paguwi ni nanay a maibalik nya. Wasnt able to make Nanay e bring it home kasi it was the day after Thea's birthday and we were busy, very busy. WIll update you if the repair went well (or not). lesson learned: dont buy online when you're not in the country (Phil). =((

November na! Dream big project must start very very sooon.

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