Saturday, August 29, 2009

30 things you dont probably know about me

1. I love TOFU.
2. I heart beads but wonders why I am not doing any beadwork right now. Note to self: bring the beads jewelry making set on January
3. My cyber presence include Facebook, Friendster, Twitter (because I want to follow Ashton), Plurk (because I couldnt access Chie's responses), Multiply (easier to post pic), Blogspot(because I love blogspot!), Yahoo, Gmail and some others I dont really remember the password nor the username anymore =)
4. I want to learn new things e.g. baking, driving, tennis, poker hehehe
5. I am not ready to wean Thea yet.
6. I love Philippines but I am loving Brunei too. Yep I did said some boring things about the place where we are right now but yeah this place just seem good for us day by day.
7. I love numbers. Oh and btw, I am a CPA.
8. I am not the "Typing Maniac" it was the husband. My level fluctuates but husband is always an outerspace man thats why I made him play using my name.
9. Nyemnyemn always pray before she eats.
10.I watch jolog films and hearts "A Very Special Love" by sarah geronimo!
11.I love to think I look like Thea but somehow when they are sleeping and I watch her and her dad they just seem to look alike more.
12.I want to read more books. Actually I want to own them but the prices here in Brunei are double the price if I buy them at Pinas so maybe I'll borrow na lang muna from friendships.
13.I really really want to exercise. No joke. I just cant find time. Kayo din diba?
14.I love pink because I think I look good when I wear one but I love red stuff because I think theyre coool and hot! Ironic.
15.When I was young I said I wanted to get married on year 2008 and was telling everyone I will and sure thing I did!
16.Raindrops can't fall on my head, I get sick easily kasi.
17.I was a Sunday School -preschool teacher for 8 years.
18.My husband is a high school classmate and friend.
19.I got 98.7 on my PUP entrance exam. We didnt have the P350 entrance fee that's why I wasnt able to get the UP exam. In fact I wasnt able to take any other exam.
20.When I'm hungry, I methamorph to someone you wouldnt want to be with. nyaha. (that's why hubby makes sure I'm always full)
21. For some time I thought my name is boring, when I was in hig school "The Emma Salazar Case" was shown and it dismayed me big time, until I saw Gwyneth in "Emma", then saw Emma Watson in "Harry Potter" then there's "Emma Roberts".
22.Will spend hours tomorrow breaking in the new phone =D
23.In between cellphone time, I will bake something with the new oven. Nyay, sana umok naman. Kundi, andyan lang naman ang mum's bakery =P
24.I am definitely sleepy but want to finish this first.
25.I surpassed the "3-meal to learn to cook" nomination from my new year's resolution. When you don't have a choice and you need to eat you'll learn din pala how to cook.
26.I was out of Mader's tummy at 7:45pm and weigh 9.5lbs at birth. BIG, I know. With that I appreciate Nanay more, especially now that I am a mommy too.

27.Will solicit pens, crayons, paper and books on the 'BER months, (should start tomorrow) for the gift giving on December. The theme would be "Dream Big" focus on education, you'll all receive an email soon.
28.My favorite birthday card is the one given to me by my father when I was 7 years old, it has a princess picture in it and the cover says "Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who's the Prettiest Girl of All", inside it says "YOU ARE" syempre feeling prinsesa naman ako di ba?
29.Nyem loves giraffe, her giraffe =)
30. I am officially 30 years old. When I was young I thought 30's is OLD. Just so you know, I dont feel the same way. We stop getting old at some point.

This is my first birthday as a mommy! Happy birthday to me!

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