Thursday, July 31, 2008

mommy notes

Nung nagtanong ako pano ba mafifeel ko pag manganganak na?

Sabi ni ate leng:
Una may lalabas na mainit na tubig. Alam mo ung feeling ng dysmenorrhea? Ganun times 3 or more. (Nyaiy, scary)

Sabi ni ate La:
Mafifeel mo na lang magcocontract. Una 30 minutes interval tapos pa-ikli ng paikli. Sabi ni tita minnie pumunta daw ako sa hospital pag may blood stain na sa panty ko.

Sabi ni Chie:
Basta sabi ng OB ko, takbo ako sa hospital pag: 1. may tumulo, hindi lang basta nabasa si panty, basta tumutulo talaga. 2. may blood 3. brown discharge pero may kasabay na regular contractions.

Minsan nafi-feel ko na masakit yung tiyan ko (parang napu-poop)pero pag nagbanyo ka wala naman. tapos mamaya, mawawala na. sabi tita ko, ganun daw start ng labor. malamang daw nagsta-start na ako mag-false labor. practice na ng katawan ko.

28 weeks na ang lola nyo! Unang linggo ko to sa third and final trimester ko. Sandali na lang to mga bading!!! Ayyyyy sobrang excited na anxious na ewan ako ngayon.

At least, allowed na magshopping di ba? Yey yey! Hmmm, wala pa pala ko list. Patulong naman. =P

Better yet, i'll come up with a list and post it here next time. Para mapili nyo na kung alin ang gusto nyong ibigay kay baby. hehehe. Ehem ehem, hi Ninong Mark!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

baby baby baby

My baby girl, yes my baby is a girl, rocks my world now. Her silly moves inside my tummy make my day whole. If for some reason she misses kicking and moving as expected, nyem nyem worries and wonders if baby is still ok.

Just this morning I had this little pain in my left tummy. Blame it on the bed which lacks full support to my burgeoning body. My pillows are my comfort but getting out of bed is a little bit harder now. Around 9am i saw brown spots in my undies. That's the reason why nyem was alarmed kanina and was asking baby to move for mommy. I need to know if she's alright in there. She didnt move as much so mommy began to worry. I went to the clinic but there's no one who knew how to operate the gadgets since the sonologist only comes every wednesday.

So I went up to my cubicle, calmed myself, prayed to God for baby's safety and asked baby to move. To my relief, baby started moving as I read her father's text message.

Baby misses Daddy. Mommy misses her dad too. We will still have to check baby's condition tomorrow (wednesday). I will also have to take the glucose challenge test tom too, to check if I have gestational diabetes. Please pray that the result will be negative.

BTW, big thanks to our baby's first dress given by my boss ruby. Her niece wasnt able to use it since she was an A++ baby. Rianna is too big to fit in that dress, meant for Nyem's baby daw talaga un. Surely, baby will be very pretty once she wears that na, around March pa siguro. Dressing up our little princess is really something to look forward! =D

Baby has her first diaper too care of "Havin a Baby". I bought a blouse on sale recently, to my surprise they are giving away diapers. Yey! Nyem is always super happy everytime she receives something for baby. Makes me more excited! =)

Baby baby baby! 3 more months dadda!

Monday, July 28, 2008

8 Marriage Ruts

my husband found this link =>1=32001

i am sharing this to you now hoping that it will remind us not to do these little things that might ruin our relationship with our partners. Read on.

8 Marriage Ruts: Are You In One?
Whether you've been married for three months or three years, here's how to get out of routines that hurt your relationship.
By The Nest Editors

Rut #1: Watching TV During Dinner
Why it's bad: Having dinner together offers valuable face time with your partner. Turning on the tube competes for attention and cuts in on your time to catch up and connect after so many hours spent apart.
How to stop: Set aside 30 to 45 minutes of one-on-one talk time with the TV off every night. This shows your spouse that when you're not at work, you're devoted to your home and family. During this time, ignore your phone and leave the BlackBerry in another room. You'll feel closer within days.
Rut #2: Going Too Long Without Sex
Why it's bad: If the amount of sex you're used to having starts to slide, your body and brain can get used to the decreased intimacy, causing you to go even longer without wanting that closeness.
How to stop: Don't wait until you feel like doing it. Initiate sex when you're open to doing it, rather than when you have the desire. This will jump-start your feelings so you'll crave it more often.
Rut #3: Going a Whole Workday Without Talking to Your Sweetheart
Why it's bad: You'll start growing apart emotionally after subconsciously feeling like the other person doesn't think about you (and your needs) during the day.
How to stop: Initiate daily contact by sending a quick "How's your day?" email. And make the effort to do something nice every day (pick up his fave dessert, call from the store to see if she needs something). It shows forethought and consideration for your partner's needs.
Rut #4: Tuning Each Other Out
Why it's bad: You're disengaging from each other.
How to stop: Make an effort to do small things such as kissing before saying good-bye, making eye contact when talking, and complimenting each other frequently throughout the week. Does he not seem to hear you talking during certain times (ahem, when ESPN is on)? Don't try to make conversation while the TV is on. If it's important, press mute; otherwise, save conversations for dinner or your bedroom, where you're less likely to be interrupted.
Rut #5: Not Fighting
Why it's bad: Disagreements are good in a marriage because you're expressing your individuality. Talking about issues when they first happen makes them easier to fix than if you wait until after they've festered.
How to stop: Bring up what's on your mind in a way that shows your admiration and respect for each other's thoughts and feelings. Like, "It hurts my feelings when ______. I was hoping we could figure out a new way to handle the situation together." This will set the tone of the conversation as loving and calm, but you both have to compromise to keep it that way
Rut #6: Going out More with Friends Than with Your Spouse
Why it's bad: It sends the message that your friends are more worthy of your time.
How to stop: Schedule nights out with your crew a few times a month, but make sure to let your partner know in advance. It's important to have these friendships as long as they don't make your married time sparse. And it's always best that these friends are people your partner knows and trusts, so there's less reason to worry.
Rut #7: Being Too Close
Why it's bad: As much as you think burping, scratching, picking, or farting is funny or cute, it can backfire and cross the line. It may be a reflection of your closeness, but there should be a limit. Otherwise, you're leaving your partner with a very unsexy image of you.
How to stop: Start a new rule. If you wouldn't do it in front of your work friends, don't do it in front of your honey. To get your mate to refrain, say: "I know we're close, and we can share everything, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave the room, or leave me out, when you do that. It's not very sexy, and I don't want anything that makes you less sexy to me."
Rut #8: Sharing Too Much with Your Parents or In-laws
Why it's bad: This shows a lack of loyalty to your spouse. Your parents shouldn't have any information that your spouse doesn't have. And they shouldn't know anything he wouldn't want them to know.
How to stop: Be loyal to your spouse even when she's not present. If you wouldn't say something in front of her, don't say it at all. You would want the same in return.

Friday, July 25, 2008

retupmoc dnah thgir

?ereh rettop yrrah saw

?huh egnarts
.nwod og senil eht retne sserp i emityreve dna
.tfel eht fo daetsni edis thgir eht ot og srettel eht
!deneppah tahw kool dna demmaj retupmoc ym

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a song for dada and baby =)

i see beautiful days with you

click to hear the song via you tube

I see beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
You’ve touched my heart so deeply
And I can’t thank God enough
For all the beautiful days with you
I feel beautiful ways of loving you
Everything is just so wonderful
Every little thing is just so beautiful
When I spend it with you

You came along
In an unexpected time
It was so divine
Knowing you are mine
It feels so right
When I look into your eyes
I never knew that love
Could make me feel this way
I can’t wait for the day
When I can truly say

[repeat refrain]

Woh, oh woh

With you I felt fine
So right

I’ve sang so many songs in stages
With thousands of them watching me
But you’re here with me now
And I sing this song to you
To you, baby
Just for you
Just for you

daddy, i am really happy to have spent those 4 days with you! see u again in August

friends please don't ask for chocolates, walang dalang pasalubong ang asawa ko bawal daw kasi sa buntis un.
well, at least i have a new PSP to keep me busy! i wonder where i could use the skype so i could talk to my husband for free. patulong naman mark!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

sorry for the inconvenience

the puzzle of the new template
i am now fixing my blog. thanks to mark for giving me a link to a whole new set of template, my blog almost got lost in space. hehe, peace Mark!
I pasted the new template and when I refreshed it, no blog could be found. Hehe. So i got into fixing the template again and here's the i-am-me-nyem's new look.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

random pre and post wedding pictures

May 16, 2008 8pm @Las Ninas del Carmen Tree House my super girl friends gave me a shower party. Though twas raining a bit,Bagyong Cosme on its way, me and my gorgeous friends shared wonderful time.<
clockwise: neng, udette,ellen, nin, me, aunee, inets
we had a great time playing games, reading ate lala's hilarious yet touching open letter and nyemnyem received gifts and pieces of advice from everyone.twas a blast! thank u thank u!

night before the wedding my pretty sister and her kids prepared the giveaways. extra thanks to udette and her boyfriend aran for picking the cupcakes at SM Pampanga =)

May 18 around 2pm lawrence palma made up my sistah, cousin and udette and syemps pwede bang hindi pagandahin si mother dear?<

kulet magpopose!

May 24, Mariano family with the new kid on the block went to ninewaves to have a dip in the pool courtesy of ate Mai!<
sarap ba magswim?tatay and nanay
me and the new member of the mariano clan

June 27, 2008 me and my baby had a fun time watching Gary V. live at glorietta. We danced, sang and shout! hahaha, Mommy had fun! supah fun!<
me and my kuya. do we look alike? Gary was super pleasant not only because he is promoting his album but because he is genuinely cool. You'd feel naman if the person u are talking to is plastic, but with him you'd see the sparkle in his eyes annd find sincerity. When i told him i like "Better than I" song, he looked into my eye (yeah he did) and smiled, a huge smile that is. He said he finds it very common when people admire his "Only Hope" rendition or other popular songs but find it rare for people to appreciate "Better than I". I said I've watched Joseph the dreamer and that there is something about the... "message" we said in unison.

July 4, 2008, Tagaytay CIty with officemates for our Planning session cum videokehan cum pasyal
beautiful flowers in tagaytay

beautiful ladies in Tagaytay

verse of the day