Friday, July 27, 2007


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ang cute ng asong 'to. kamukha ni blue, ung kawawang version. =(
kasama yan sa mga to do ko, ung buhay nga lang na puppy. nilagay ko sa isang paper dati mga 5 - 6 years ago na din siguro.

funny how i put everything i wanna do in that paper. the cities i want to visit, the things i want to accomplish. and the persons i wanna meet. haha. saan at kailan ko kaya makakaduet si gary v and martin n. haaay, dreams.

well at least blue is within reach. 99 dreams yet to accomplish =P

happy weekend!

lakbayan grade C

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

akalain mo un?

For the past weeks, I was really anticipating for my 100th posting. I said I'd make it a little more fancy and memorable. But during my hiatus, I found myself having no zest in writing anything for a while. Then, suddenly just suddenly, a text message came and Im back to writing again. I failed to notice I’ve finished writing the 99th.

Akalain mong ang 100th post ko eh when friends turn to lovers haaaaay. Sabi nga ni tatay, "tinamanang magaling"! San ka pa, masakit na ulo ko dyud! Sobrang dami kasi ang nangyari ngayong linggong to. Sa school, sa church, sa office, sa bahay.

Haaaay, nako buti na lang mabait si Lord sa kin. Binibigyan nya ko ng mga simpleng bagay na magpapasaya ng araw ko. Buti hindi mala-Job ang eksena ko kundi hindi ko alam kung ano ang magiging reaksyon ko.

Akalain ko ba na ganung kahirap ung exam namin sa Advanced Statistics? Bakit nga ba kasi eto pa ang nakuha kong kurso. Pwede naman Masters in Accounting, at least forte ko un. Baka Summa Cum Laude pa ko dun. Hahaha joke lang.

Akalain mo din ba, na ang makakasama ko pala sa mga oras ng kagipitan ko eh ung taong madalas kong takbuhan nung bata ako (at kahit nung medyo tumanda na ko, next time ko na yun iwewento). Sobrang nakakahiya talaga.

Akalain mo ba, na isang buwan na pala ang nakalipas at babalik na galing Canada ang boss ko. Siguro naman pagdating nya di na ko maiistress masyado no?

Akalain mo yun July na pala. Kalahating taon na mga bading! Ibig sabihin kailangang balikan ang mga sinulat nung magsisimula pa lang ang taon. Tingin ko mas dapat ako mag-effort sa ibang bagay kesa ilagay ko ang atensyon ko sa isang bagay na obvious namang pumalya na. Haha, gets nyo? Ah ewan. Akalain ko bang magkakaganun! Hehe.

Akalain mo malapit na ko mag – bente otso! Wahaha. O dapat ba waaaaah. Ewan ko…

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

on friends again

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
A friend is one before whom I can think aloud.

I am seeing someone. He's one of my high school friends. he's nice but I cant talk about everything with him.

Ganun ba talaga bawal pagusapan ang ex para maka-move on? Siguro nabibingi na sa kakawento ko tungkol kay Voldemort. Hahaha.

Nway, he will soon read this. And I don't know if he'll be fine with all the things I've written. hehe. nways, this is me. ayt?

when friends turn to lovers

"I am in love with my best friend." The line so often used by friends who turned themselves to lovers.

Friendship is something precious. It is a relationship between two person who find themselves inseparable with the other. You can have a lot of friends all in the same time. In fact the more friends you have the better. Real friendship is a beautiful bonding that could last all hardship life can bring.

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies" Aristotle

Lovers on the other hand is different in such a way that the relationship are expected to be bound in marriage. Compared to friendship, you can only have one lover. One that you will be committed to whatever life may bring. There are a lot of difficulties lovers will eventually encounter, one is distance... loooooong distance. Thus a lot of effort is necessary to make it last a lifetime.

Friends turn lovers, sweet right? Yeah, but only if it will do last a lifetime. Because if you fail being lovers, it is too difficult, sometimes impossible, to make yourselves friends again.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Minsan nahilo ako & bumagsak sa floor sa harap ng maraming tao...

nauso ang...

drop dead gorgeous!

astig no?

ako daw yan sa KFC, hahaha di ko mapigil. sobrang kahiya-hiyang pangyayari!

Friday, July 13, 2007

facing the giants

Fly me to neverland! I wanna meet captain hook and fight!( not peter pan of course ;-) , tinkerbell moved on already, anyway that's another topic)

I wanna quit. I wanna stop. But that is not what He wants me to do. He wants me to face the giants! I thought the midweek topic is not as timely as those I've attended before. My zealousness over the passages has not been as intense. But now I know that God gives prepaid topics too. He knows what you need, even before you ask for it.

I wanna fly, I wanna run, NOT. Did I just say I hate weaklings? Weak persons are those who refuse to face their problems. That’s why I have to take courage and find strength in God who will provide me with knowledge and drive to move forward.

So there, I’ve got to start facing my giants.

Ciao and have a great weekend!

“Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the mastery of it”

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


emma watson
I am hermione, i have always been. My knack in knowing things and my eagerness to capture data make me her, or so I believe or wish. Hehe. Ok, i became hermione when Harry Potter became a movie and Emma Watson played Hermione's part. (All together now: aaaaah.) We had same name, that was it.
And if youre an avid reader of harry potter you'd know who hermione ended up with. (Double Aaaaaaaaah!) Sadly though, that is where me and hermione differs now. My past life could have been like her but "me" today is a different story. Lets see what JK Rowling wrote in book 7, maybe she'll end up with a chipmunk, ahaha!
emma mariano and jedi diah

i watched harry potter and the order of phoenix last night,(july 16,2007), at IMAX theatre Mall of Asia. that was my first IMAX experience, it may take long before i could go back because tickets cost a fortune, 400 peso each, ouches (hahaha). while we do look weird with those glasses on, the thrill of meeting harry face to face is not commensurate.
the movie was great, the theatre was superb (though expensive) and the company too. i wish i could bring simon, gail, kiel and mik sa theatre. they would have love watching "a night at the museum" there!

wento ng wento

It’s been a month. Lots of tears shed. Anger exploded. Dreams shattered. Ang dami. Surely Independence day had a new meaning! Yay! Am tired to write details but Im happy I’m moving on bit by bit. A million mile begins with a single step, isn’t it? So cheers to a new me and looking forward to a brand new “em” in days, months and years to come. Come journey with me, ayt?

On the other hand, office had been quite stressful. I don’t know if I am saying this all because im PMSing or Im just really pissed off. But something happened today which might make my stay more interesting. My crush came. I now know his name and he also asked mine! Ayos! His hair is a little off, I like the semi-kalbo he used to don. Plus he will be going here every so often! Wowowee! There’s more in him that I like than his hair of course. Anyway, I don’t know him except that he got passion and I’m just glad I ‘again’ have someone who I could be mababaw na kilig with every now and then. (dear, did i say crush? crush is diff from love right!)

Oh, and I’m meeting someone (B) nga pala. I deleted my write up about him last time because his reaction about it seems to be quite alarming. So I told him I write down what I feel at the moment and everything written here might not be true in days to come. To hold readers from too much information, I restricted the blog. I don’t know how long this privacy might be, time can only tell.

Then there were dreams, I dreamed about (A) and he’s with someone, short haired, petite, I haven’t paid much attention to the looks but she definitely is not carole, else i'd recognize her instantly. In my other dream I saw (B) and he's going to see his ex. He was trying to explain something but “again” I didn’t pay attention. In both dreams, I am numb, I don’t feel hurt, I don’t feel bad. Acceptance has finally dawned on me. But dreams are dreams you know! And they say, dreams are your secret fears. So do I fear seeing them with those they love? I still have to find out.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Kailan ka mag-aasawa?"

"Ate Ems, kailan ka mag-aasawa?" that was blurted out by one of the teens from our church. I told him I don't have a boyfriend at the moment and I will tell him when (and if) I will marry.

Being single, unmarried and turning 28, I might have probably heard that line over and over. And mind, answering them can sometimes be frustating because they seem to see me doomed in singlelandia forever. Which is not a very welcome status here in my beloved Philippines. One of the classic reactions from one of my pretty aunts was a few rub on my back, which actually meant "don't worry dear, u'll have ur romeo soon".

i think i dont have anupthaphobia. thank God! though i think everyone around me fears for me. i know all of you cares and there's nothing wrong with that but there are things in life you could enjoy even when you're single. success is not measured by the ring on ones finger, it is something that can be achieve married or unmarried.

success and the single adult

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