Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nanay went to Brunei!


Madear arrived here last October 23 a week before Thea's 1st birthday. It was her first plane ride and we are all excited for her! And I told her to wear bonggacious clothes ehhehe, gusto ko lang mag-ayos sya =) I didnt reallly knew she and my kakunstsabanga ate lalah will make extra effort to dress up! Her clothes were fab! SUper long sleeves with ruffles pa daw sabi ni ate lalah, when I saw it sosyal lang naman pala di naman OP =)

The trip would surely be an exprience she'll never forget! But first look at her very touristy pictures:

On her way home via Air Asia, her trip was cancelled. Blame it on the typhoon. We were cramming already since we dont want her to stay at KK alone for a day. The air asia rep was such a pain, DH was telling her we have a connecting flight, all she did was tell us we have to cancel or rebook. No sorry nor sad face man lang. We booked nanay at malaysian air to catch her nxt plane. Hoping that the flight to clark wont be cancelled. Nov 1 was just really not our day, turns out MA lands at a diff airport than AA thus madear has to take a cab to airport 2 to catch the nxt plane and she has to do it all by herself, in a malay speaking country with just enough ringgit on hand (we gave her all we have just in case). As we bade goodbye at the Miri airport, we were hoping that everything will go swiftly. It went well and she landed at clark 5pm the same day. Thank u Lord.

More than the happening at the airport it was her stay here in Kampung baru that should be remembered. The week of domestic lifestyle, the bruneian culture -no people stay outside after 5pm, the meals that I cook, the cakes that I bake, the decorations we prepared and most especially the bonding with the bday girl and her bunso.

Going here is the best gift she could give me and thea. Nanay had been my companion on those first sleepless nights, when colic strikes at 7pm she's there to give a hand. Never did she scold me for doing my own thing with my daughter, but she kept on telling me it's really hard to raise a baby, her way of telling me she can see how hard I work for this little girl. She values my work at the office and is my #1 fan, yet she supports my decision to be a SAHM. I am happy that in those brief 10 days she had experience being a foreigner in these little yet rich Malay country.

It was indeed an adventure we'll never forget. Thanks for coming madear. Love you.

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