Saturday, September 04, 2010


Lots of things to be thankful. One of the thousand things is the additional year God has given me and a promise of another blessed year.

Thank you for the greetings everyone. Every year I list my bday greeters and I will do just the same now!
Texts from Mik, Ate La, Ate Mai, Madear, Yeyeng, Inets, Ate Gladys, Ate Ellen and Nanay A. Facebook greetings from Geng, Kap & Abby, Apple E, Inets & Bim, Chie, Victor Joel, Rodney, Ey, Angel, Elsa, Udette, Jec, Get, Mark T., Apple H., Mon, Trixie, Norizen, Cindy, Jen, Maan, Noyeen, Marivi. And Dm's from Zennia and Tito Lowie

But of course, before all these greetings my two very special love made my birthday a super special one. I think THea knows something is special with August 31st because she will wake up around that time and will sleep late, last Tuesday she slept at 4am. Aaaaaw, sweetie I appreciate the effort but a simple kiss will do haha. Oh well, its alright baka pag malaki na to di na sya gigising ng madaling araw to greet mommy.

Alvin on the other hand had made extra effort since last Saturday. Taking me to Miri for my (not so) surprise trip to Tamam Awam. Unfortunately, the Brunei-Malaysia border was packed with Bruneians and we were at the border for 2 hours - lining up to get our passports chopped. Another hour was spent in Parkson's parking lot. But these mishaps cannot ruin my day. God has given me extra patience and humor to get through all those, tenchu Lord!

Here are some pictures. The hanging bridge isnt passable anymore, sayang. But the walk down the steep stairs made a huge statement "I need to exercise my legs sobra" hehe.
cutie nakangiti ang bebe ko!
overlooking, pero di halata. and medyo takot pa kami baka malaglag yung camera kasi nilagay ko lang sa bakod hehe

Hubby had this super lovely gift, secret muna kung ano.

Cheers to the best year ever. Mwaaah

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