Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is the reason for my busy schedule lately. We've been fixing this room to become Thea's play and learn room. Before it was really difficult to make her go in, thanks to the community's Michaelangelo for the Backyardigans drawing Thea now wants to go there every morning! We will remove the bed but we are still waiting for the Thea's slide and swing to arrive from Brunei. It has been over a month so I guess it will arrive anytime now.

It is a family project. Tatay Henry (my dad) installed the insulation. Tatay Fred (FIL) installed the wall fan. Everything for the little princess.
that's the door
See the whiteboard? We now have a schedule. I noticed kasi she gets bored easily with the same activities everyday, so we need to plan which activity she'll do daily para iwas boredom

and the walls
We minimized the drawings since the goal is to only invite her in. Painting the entire room might just distract her when we do our sessions. SO rainbow and grass is just fine =D
Table and chairs - Check
Cabinet for toys - Check
Next project- soft mat.

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