Monday, November 01, 2010

Me Time

I am now here in Brunei for a short stay. Short meaning I arrived yesterday and will go home tomorrow night - SHORT. I had to leave my bunny hunny to her lola and yaya to make room for myself.

Did I say room for myself? And why is it that I am still planning things that I have to do once I get to Pinas? Oh well, me time now also means time alone to think, to plan, to set goals and create new hopes. I am now looking at the home program activities at the net. I found one through a friend's blog, hi Clarice! , its therapyforkids. They got loads of activities there which can help my little girl's sensory/motor/etc development. I am excited to try them one at a time.

Going back, I got here 2am yesterday. Had the bestest guy for a date =D Went shopping a bit. Bought the elusive (by elusive I mean I've been looking for it at SM, Robinsons and even duty free but they dont have it) Happy Heart woohoo. AND I got to watch movie yey yey! And of all the movie we decided to watch the pretty Katherine Heigl's Life as we know it. I enjoyed it but it made me miss my little girl more yay. To all mommies and daddies you have to go and see it - NOW.

This visit is for my husband too. I may have had a pretty hard time adjusting with my new schedule in the Philippines but boy hubby surely had plenty of hard times too. Leaving us behind is heartbreaking already but living alone here in Brunei to earn a living is a huge task. To you my dear, know that I appreciate the things that you do for me and Thea. You are a blessing far more than what I hoped for.

Oh and btw, I am thankful for everyone's support. I am sorry for my recent ranting. Though I bet you understood naman how sensitive I can be and how the situation now made me more sensitive I still feel I need to apologize for being annoyed. I guess mommy's like me who's baby got diagnosed get a little more delicate but once they got past the denial stage they tend to be stronger naman. That's me now. I can now take your comments lightly I know now that it's a difficult phase for you too. You also love Thea sooo much and I bet you are in denial too as much as we are in the beginning. So lets just help each other ayt? Comments like "my child is like this when he is 2 blah blah" is now okay. For now, her progress may not be as much as other kids but I am positive with all the help we are receiving we'll get there.

So there, this is me during me time. As much as I want to chronicle the significant things in my life I couldnt. But if i could just like today I blog it. Just so when I look back I can see transformations in my life. In the future I want to read how our little girl get our of her cocoon and blossom into a beautiful butterfly.

have a wonderful day to you!
love - nyem

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