Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Tip: How to Strike through Text and Put Different Color Font

I have been wondering how bloggers do this tricks (especially during the election time where we have blue, green, orange candidates) but was only able to unveil it recently. I will update you again if there's any other cutee little things we could add to make our blog more interesting.

The html code are as follows:

the code result:

your text goes here

different font color

different background color

the code so you could just copy and paste them: just add the "span style" text
"color:orange">different font color
"background-color:yellow">different background color

Or just go to quack it for the code. you can copy it and paste it in your page and just change the text or the color, whatever. Can't find the strike through there so you just have to type the code from the picture above to use it. Enjoy :D

extra: duds, programmer na ko hehe

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