Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eureka!!! Treasure at the End of the Rainbow!

If you have been reading my post for a long time you probably know that I am fascinated with rainbows. Rainbows are special. Rainbow reminds me of God's promise that he will always provide, always protect and always love me. I have never seen as much rainbows in my life until we mmoved here in Brunei. ALmost everyday I see one around 5pm after a drizzle a beautiful rainbow will appear.

There was a time my hubby encountered a rainbow, as in within reach rainbow. He was driving when he saw a fab sight, a rainbows end right at Shell's parking lot! He drove the car right through the rainbow!

I've seen two rainbows at once, WikiANswer says If sunlight is passing through a thin stratum of clouds and a stratum of rains simultaneously then you can get 2 rainbows at a time. Not only that their colors are reverse one would have ROYGVIB and the other BIVGYOR! I havent noticed that when I saw them. Below is a pic I got from google.

However, the best of the best rainbow picture ever for me is this:

My treasure at the end of the Rainbow! My wonderful hubby and my lovely girl! I heart rainbows!

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