Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti

Pad Thai sauce is really just a spicy version of sweet and sour sauce. Instead of vinegar, however, the sourness is derived from tamarind juice. Shaved palm sugar (panocha) is traditional but brown sugar will do the trick too. from

Our wedding reception was held in a Thai inspired hall, my caterer suggested it might be good if we serve Pad Thai rather than the baked macaroni, I said okay. The day of the wedding a relatives from the province didnt like the pasta but those from the city likes and ate it. You know why? They thought that the pasta is spoiled. "Maasim na daw." Nyay, Pad Thai madammes and monsieurs are supposed to be a litle spicy and I think they thought we served them Spaghetti which should be sweet.

Worse, the story about the spoiled pasta reached another caterer, who btw is a batchmate who now likes to tell our wedding pasta story. Reunion came and he kept bugging my husband that he made a huge mistake not getting his service for our wedding. Mr., I didnt get you as our wedding caterer because I once went to a wedding you did and the service was super duper poor. There were no utensils at the table (soup is served and we didnt even have a spoon what do you want us to do sip it up?), the food is not good, the setup is for a debut not a wedding. Your service might have improved since but I wouldnt bet on it on my wedding day, ayt?

So there, Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti.

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