Saturday, October 16, 2010


Some people thinks i am 0A na, what with the 'firstborn' churva. Comments like my child is like this and that when she's 2yo is piling up with comments that they got better after a while. Friends i love u and i know u love me too but now i need u to consider that we are preventing something huge.
If she is well I am the happiest but if she isnt i dont want to regret that i havent done my part as i should. I wont be able to carry the guilt if i could have done something to change it.
You are tryng to help i bet i can feel it. So u can maybe say 'how can i help' or if u could push farther y not 'you're doing a good job' :) U can also help by giving me things i need to bridge the gap/delay. Books, educ toys or playmates for thea would be great. She needs peers her age cousins are older kasi.
So there i am not mad. I just have so much in my hands and some comments arent helping.
Hugs-mommy nyem

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