Friday, November 05, 2010


I just got Thea's initial evaluation and her proposed home program from her OT at Therabilities. It's overwhelming really, with the 9-page observation/assessment/recommendation I had to catch air to breathe. But all is well, I am thankful that they are taking their profession seriously and they made effort to do an intensive evaluation for my little girl. Makes me realize I still dont have one like that from Teacher Camille, her OT here in Bulacan? Should I ask her? I think so.

So now please pray that I'll be able to draw a good 'specific' schedule for Thea. And also pray that I will not get stressed with all the things that I need to do.

Thanks to Tita Mai, we now have a gym/therapy ball for thea's session. Next thing to do is fix Yeyeng's room and make it a playroom. Initially I was planning to ask someone to paint it with flowers, trees, sun, rainbow etc, but I figured it might distract lang Thea more - nag-agree naman si teacher so isa na lang ipepaint - rainbow na lang plus the door to make it more entertaining for her na pumasok sa room.

So that's it for my update. Hope everything is well with all of you.


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