Saturday, November 20, 2010

Occupational Momma - Thea's Activities

Hi! Been busy lately. Since day one of diagnosis, I've been spending lots of time researching about GDD and ASD. Our twice a week visit to her OT , Teacher Camille, has taught me how to teach Thea how to play with her toys properly. Since she doesnt respond to words yet Thea needs to be prompted. By prompting, I mean I need to show her how to do things like when we do coin banking, you have to show her how to shoot the coin and say "Shoot".

I learned a lot, patience is one of them. Though i cant say I am a super patient mom at least I can say i am learning to be more patient. I also learned that I need to alter my expectations and be happy of what she has achieved. SHe has been trying hard too and i have to commend her for that.

Here are some of our activities:
-Coin banking - Very Good
-Shape sorting - very good as in she can put everything na, before kasi she would just put 4 shapes and then ayaw na nya agad but now she will put everything, Mommy's so proud!
-Animal puzzle - very good though there are times she gets tired na siguro she doesnt want to finish them anymore, so i made it fun by making funny actions like how chickens move etc
-stacking cups - she doesnt like it much. she needs a lot of prompting with this activity
- musical toys - these are the ones she like, her xylophone, barney radio everything that make sound is A-okay for her
-kitchen set plus slice the fruits - the slice toy was introduced by teacher and I (the proactive mommy) went my way to search for the toy hehehe, Thea likes it much she was even asking me to put themm back together para she could slice it again. She still needs to learn how to match the fruits
- I had new toys /activities, clothespin, balls and basket, and a lot more others. I am beginning to be a professional occupational therapist =D

Crawling in a tunnel na gawa sa mattress, I have to improvise since saan naman ako kukuha ng tunnel =D Minsan pwede din yang slide =D

So there, this is my new profession. I am an occupational momma! And like all good OTs I log what we do to keep track, I have a mission and I've written my goals -long term and short term.

Please remind me not be obsessed and have time for myself too. True yun because I might burnout and that's a bigger risk for both of us. With that said I better watch Harry Potter next week with or without a date may mga trabaho kasi mga girlfriends dito and I am only available up to 5pm since yaya goes home.

I've been baking too. The mouth watering, I want more of that cake is still yet to be baked but no worries marami pa kong flour hahaha. I will update you bout my concoctions next time. But tonight I will leave you with another picture.

after OT class Thea played at the kitchen counter toy at habilities

I thank GOD we have habilities near us, as some travels much farther to see their OT. I just hope they will improve their playroom (wink wink) para mas entertaining sa kids =D

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