Saturday, October 16, 2010


FYI i'm still alive! I just dont have time and my lappy is not with me - i so miss it and its hard to write with a fone when blogging imagine a sore thumb after a hundred word.
Nway, me and thea are here in Pinas indefinitely. She's diagnosed with global developmental delay at risk of ASD one of the causes myt be traveling to and fro brunei-manila. She's having a hard time daw sabi ng doctor kasi walang consistency. Plus walang Occupational therapist sa brunei to help me - that and several other consideration made me decide to stay here indefinitely.
The news was heartbreaking. Yes it is and beyond, i dont know exactly how to describe it. My mind couldnt function right as i have to accept everything that needs to be done. But i have to make myself strong because my girl needs me now more than anything. It is a serious task pm me if u want details, there are other things i cant bring myself to write.
So there, i dont have much time. I want cyber hugs from you and a lot of encouragement. I've been researching na din and the task is overwhelming. Yet i know i can do it, God wont gve this task to me if i cant d ba? So yes, with your help and lots of prayers everything will be okay. So help me God.

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