Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favorite "me time"

is when I woke up and the little girl is still sound asleep, husband in the office and there is silence in the air. The room might still be in a chaos from last night's mess (oh this girl can mess the room in 60 seconds, how she do that i dont know), but i am alright. You know why? Because it will always be like that, I'd rather see it untidy than not see my little girl happy (Oh I can say that again). Last time she was sick, she doesnt want to play only wants us to carry her, toys are invisible they have no appeal, we are heartbroken - very, really.

Back to this moment, my girl is sleeping and its 10am already. She (well we) slept at around 1am na. She was still in "play mode" at 12am, oh my gulay, while me and hubby are in our "antok mode". This morning I woke up before 9am and went to my usual morning things, breakfast, boil water for thea's bath, clothes into the washer then I opened Star world, hoping there's a replay of yesterday's Ms.U that I soooo missed (that should be another story though i seriously think I cant tell it na walang time), and saw Julia Roberts with David Letterman.

Julia Roberts = EAT PRAY & LOVE! So I just sat there never mind if I still got chores to do, I just sat and watch. SHe is just as lovely as she was before, she always is lovely period, how old is she again 40+ aaaaaw. David asked her again about the Pretty Woman remake, and she said not with these varicose veins. Nyahaha, though I honestly think she doesnt have any I can sooo relate. One Pretty Woman movie is enough. Ayt, so Eat Pray and Love, this is what I've been reading lately. Did I mention I dumped the book after 10 or less pages when I first read it. I felt it was an insult for Christianity she has written so so things about Yoga and churvah. But when I saw in that Julia has already done filming and its about to be released in cinema I just have to finish the book. In the first place I bought the book just because I read that Julia is going to do the movie and I always want to read the book before I watch it in film. So there, I think the movie is now showing everywhere (as if we could watch a movie), we'll probably buy a DVD once a good copy comes out.

Time check: 10:19am. Oooooh I really so very had to wake the girl up. Otherwise it would take a hundred years to let her sleep again later.

Goodbye me time, see you again tomorrow.

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