Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blessed Ramadhan!

I heard that you shouldn't say "Happy Ramadhan" but "Blessed Ramadhan".

Moon was sighted last night and the fasting began this morning, no food till the moon is up again. Practicing Ramadhan is also their way of living the life of an unfortunate, with this they will know how blessed they are and sharing their blessings will be honed in their character.

No, I will not fast but I will count my blessings just the same. Thank you Lord for the following:

The food, shelter and clothes.

Good health for our little girl Thea, my love and me.

Work for Dadda and friends in the office.

Our community church here in Brunei and our brethrens who welcomed us wholeheartedly.

Families and friends who we miss and love.

Places we've seen and will see.

And most especially for our little family, my loving husband and my sweet girl. thank you very much.

Thank you too for the kind reader who will leave a comment and share a blessing or two.

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