Friday, August 13, 2010

My little bookworm Thea

My little girl had a book love affair. Here she is last January with 2 disney princesses books. Look closely at the second picture, ok na sana eh seryoso sya magbasa kaso baligtad yung book :D

Thea reads in the car. Here she is reading Baby Jesus books and Little EInstein colors and shapes. These two books plus Jonah are always in the car to keep her entertained during long trips. Di pa naman siguro lalabo mata nya kasi pictures lang tinitignan nya ;)

SHe also loves reading her body parts book. Side kwento, I tried a shirt and I asked Thea if it looks good on me I said "YES or NO", she didnt say a thing she just pointed to her nose, ayayay kala nya NOSE.

But of all the pictures of her reading I sooo love these. Meet the youngest investor in town!!! Graphs and Guide to Investing book, whoa when I saw her reading the book I just have to take a pic. Good thing before she got bored and put it down I was able to take a good photo.

I really hope she would continue to love reading when she gets older. I will definitely not hesitate spending money for books. Excited much for her to use her imagination when she's ready to read Alice in Wonderland or maybe even Percy Jackson hehe.

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