Monday, August 30, 2010

31 Ways to be a Better SAHM

1. Dont fuss the small stuff - by that I mean the small things lying on the floor
that the little one played with.
2. Get a good rest.
3. Have a "ME" time. As in uninterrupted "ME" time, installment "ME" time is not exactly it.
4. Love your husband and treat him like a king. (Waaah sisingilin ako ni Alvin nito) Have you watched Charlene's interview with Aga? When the husband treats his wife as a queen, she(wife) will treat him like a king. (nagexplain???)
5. Find happiness in simple things. E.G. watching barney, backyardigans, even the boring Tomas the Train which surprisingly the children loves (i wonder why, may gayuma?)
6. Reinvent yourself. If you traded your professional career to being a sahm dont fret, it still is a career. You may not have a salary to buy that fancy bag you sooo like but you are well compensated because your time invested with your kids is more precious than you could imagine.
7. Be proud to say you are a MOM. Whenever someone asks you, what do you do? Say that you are a Stay at home MOM, with much pride like when you say you are a Lawyer, a CPA or an Engineer.
8. Do not regret your decision. I think everyone will want to work less when their children are little if they could afford it.
9. Be connected with your girlfriends. Do not cut off yourself with your friends especially your sisterhood.
10. Sign up at N@w (plugging) a social network for wife and moms from the Philippines. You will gain new friends there and loads of tips to any problem.
11. Play with kids. Learn how to value time like they do.
12. Manage your time. cooking, dirty dishes, clothes have to have their own time otherwise you'll go nuts with chores.
13. Hire a help sometime. You need to rest remember?
14. Learn new things. Driving, baking, photo-editing are the new things I learned this year, oh and ofcourse cooking :D
15. Dance! Yes, dance like no one's watching.
16. Know your role. You are NOT there to pay the bills, you are there to keep the home. Both are difficult but they are different roles. Know yours and do not compare.
17. Do not brag about how hard you have to work at the house. You do not know how hard he is working at the office.
18. Have a financial budget. A good SAHM need not be a CPA to know how to plan their finances. Dont be content to meet ends,save and save for the future, invest for education and insure yourself.
19. Write a book, paint,make a scrapbook release your creative side.
20. Forgive and forget. Storms will come your way and you need to know how to forgive darlings.
21. Sense of humour is a must. What is a house without laughter.
22. Write a journal. And see how great the Lord is to you every single day.
23. Buy a big box for toys. Forget about sorting it they will end up in a big box anyway. Sort them when they get older hehe.
24. Be generous in giving compliments.
25. Dress up. You will feel great and so does your hubby.
26. Have a mani-pedi now! I am soooo guilty. I always forget to have my nails done esp my toes, (feeling ko hindi naman nakikita). Remember: when you were still single and you dont want your bf or gf's see your nails undone. If you cant have a pedicure, keep it clean sister!
27. Bawal magkasakit. If you ever get sick, dont fuss about the dishes nor the laundry just rest and enjoy the attention haha!
28. Dont compare your family with others nor your children with others. Children have their own pace and families differ from each other. So dont compare, just dont period.
29. Be thankful.
30. Make a dream list. List down your dreams. Being a SAHM doesnt mean you cant dream, nor being old can stop you from dreaming. Strive to reach your goals and inspire your children to dream and believe (and survive Starstruck! aayayay)
31.Pray and pray a lot. Only Him can give you the strength you need to be the best Mom and Wife you can be.

extra: In a few hours I will be turning 31! Thank you dear Lord for the wonderful years you have given me. I pray for more great happy years ahead with my loving husband and my sweet little girl.

Motherhood is every woman's greatest God-given gift - and challenge. Be inspired and delighted that God will help you find the strength and wisdom you need to be the best mother you can be. A Cup of Comfort - Devotional for Mothers
note to self: dont forget to jump at new places and always have fun in everything you do.


ivymarasigan said...

nice one sis, natawa ako sa Thomas and Friends. Gabbie doesn't like it too. can i share/re-post this? thanks! :)

em said...

Sure! My pleasure sis :D

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