Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Percy Jackson Addiction

The reason I havent written for a while are these...

I read in twitter that its a nice film so I bought a DVD. I find it interesting but I didnt fell in love with it until I read these...

I still have to buy the first book and the last. My gulay, mamumulubi ako dito 1 book is almost 600 pesos sa Pinas 300 lang yata isa. Still I need to buy it I cant sleep, I need to know what happened to Percy and who will he end up with, Rachel or Annabeth.

Oh I watched the movie again last night, Annabeth is super pretty.

I think we'll be going to the city later, hmmmm I would miss GLEE. I am heartbroken. But a book (two books pwede din) can heal a broken heart, ehem ehem. Can I buy the first and the last book na tonight? Puhlease???? :* mwaaah mwaaah

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