Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Recently posted 2 Stat Message at Facebook which received controversial reviews nyaha.

Status Message #1: RULE: When you borrow, you pay.

Story behind: My temperature rose when I was told that someone is hiding from us. It would have been okay if she talks and negotiate with us. We were texting her to no avail. Sent her a message at FB, it didnt work.

My sister texted her that they will visit their store on Wednesday, but come Wed the store is close. They came back and it is still closed. They were told a few days after that the store was open again by Thursday. Coincidence, i dont think so. Someone close to her said she didnt change number. How about her Facebook account? I think its temporarily abandoned.

It has been years girl. And we decided to lower your debt pa hoping you'd consider. We dont charge interest din hahaha. ANyway, now that my fam needs it I think I just need to find another way. But the rule remains the same, when you borrow you pay. AYT?

Extra: please dont wear fancy clothes it irritates me.

Status Message #2: No amount of professional success can compensate for a failure in the home.

I saw it at at an interview with Lucy Torres. I copied and pasted it in Twitter then afer a while I pasted it at FB too. My bad, I didnt put I got it from Lucy Torres, well actually it was from Lucy's mom.

I like the quote it made me think I made a good decision to leave work for my little girl and for our family. (It isnt a decision every mother should do, but it was the best decision for me. Every mom is different, alright?) I was hesitant lang to post it coz they might say I'm sourgraping, but I did post it thinking my FB friends are wise enough to see through it. 5 friends placed a thumbs up sign, meaning they like it. So for a while I thought everything was okay.

Until, someone approached my husband asking if everything is alright with us, our family to be exact. They thought I was talking about my hubby. Alvin has been the best husband and father. He always have time to play with the little princess and he makes sure we go out for our weekly date nights, yep he does take me out every week. Surely, he isnt the one I am talking about on my status message.

Lesson learned: My friends in FB doesnt know me enough and I should be more careful next time when I post a status message. Otherwise, I will have to explain myself again for something I said.

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