Saturday, November 27, 2010


We went to Thera for Thea's home program follow up session. When she saw the building she started to cling to A.Yos (her yaya), but this always calms her down.

I love the waiting room. I love the Sensory room. I love Teacher ALta. I love everything because Thea has been most cooperative yesterday. She didnt even cry when she saw Teacher, she walked going to the Sensory room and was following teacher's instructions all the time. She did very very well. Good job Thea!!!

Wasnt able to take pictures while she's doing her tasks because I worked in tandem with teacher. But there's this activity a little girl did that I'd like to do, here it is:
The pegs are immersed in the macaroni shells for tactile then she will go through the tunnel to shoot the pegs in the board. Oh the girl playing at the table is Thea, after her session she went to a pushcart toy full of toy groceries then she'll go to that table as if she's going to sell them. WHen it was time to go home she was upset that we need to packaway the things. We said bye bye and she even sat down on teacher's lap while I put on her shoes, I am a very proud Mommy :D

There's no question she is way way at ease in Thera than in Habilities. I love the people in Hab, they love the kids and are very approachable, but they really as in really need to improve their Sensory/Play room. My girl always put on a fight when it's time to go to Hab. When she sees the green gate she'll start wailing and even throws up just so we'll take her out. We wont let her win ofcourse, therapies cost a fortune and we wouldnt let it go to waste. But going to Hab is really hardwork, the entertainment showcase I got in my bag is usually not enough. Hopefully in a few more sessions she'll learn to like the place.

And here's another picture for you. Just so you know how happy she was. This was taken inside the car going home to Bulacan.

extra: Thea has fever today. I hope she'll feel better na. I dont have yaya on Sundays and it's really hard to make her drink medicine alone. Anyway, I'd like to see her smile like the picture above. She seldom smiles today and it breaks Mommy's heart. Get well na anak ha, Mommy loves you.

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