Monday, September 03, 2012

List of Online Shopping Sites

Hi Everyone!

Online shopping has been such a hit lately. What with the "up to 70% discount" come ons they post in their websites. I havent tried it yet because I am so conservative (hesitant) when it comes to using credit card for purchases online. Plus pa the horror stories I heard from sissies about some exclusive offers they got from online shopping sites. But with the current rave and big big discounts I just might try.

I listed here some online shopping sites available in the Philippines which offer exclusive products.








Amongst the above online shopping sites I like MetroDeal's page best. It's clear and the deals make me want to buy. Foremost because it isnt blurred like those of cashcashpinoy's page where they want you to log in or be a member first to view their products. Second because their deals comes from companies with good reputation. naman looks promising, the guess copules watch is to grab for :)

As I said earlier I heard horror stories from people who dealt with discounted products and end up with very poor service. So just check first the advertiser before going for a deal. I hope you'll have a happy online shopping.

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iGrab Philippines said...

Hi Em, thanks for the mention. We're constantly updating and choosing the best offers possible. Enjoy your online shopping. =]

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