Thursday, October 11, 2012


It was a nice number!
I declare today "a neighbor-girlfriend day"! 
Morning, while Thea was at school and me cooking lunch, I heard someone calling from outside. "Tao po" I saw a red car and thought why the heck did the insurance agent go back when I already said Im not buying? Then when I peaked I saw Abby Nuque one of the Tropang Kap wives outside our house trying to figure out if somebody's inside hehe. She's holding something and I immediately knew she got food! Wow food! And it's an Oreo Cheesecake! Was at Starbucks yesterday and about to get one pero na-guilty. Now na andito sa doorstep and libre bawal na maguilty!!! Ubos agad :) Thanks Abby!!!

Pero syemps I got something for her too, well not exactly for her but for her unico hijo - a gift from ninong! A Toy Story book :) There's Babuzz no Cyrus? Sarap bigyan ng regalo pag alam mo ang gusto. Her mom said he was dancing all the way to their destination.

Afternoon came and I saw my phone's missed calls list and saw Leah and Virgie (our Cedar Crest agent) in it. And who do u think did I texted first? Si Leah syempre hahaha. Though Im desperate to sell na our condo I wouldnt miss going out with a girlfriend on a sunny Thursday afternoon as she usually goes to office pa. Oh well she had a tough time finding a good and lasting yaya but she did eventually hired someone and now she goes na to office daily, there was a time kasi she couldnt report for more than 2 weeks. I really thought she'll end up being a SAHM too but God has other plans for this sexy momma! Haaay sana I'll get back in shape as fast as she did no? Her son will celebrate his 1st birthday tom and if you can see her she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight and has gotten even sexier because she's breastfeeding. So take that, I'll breastfeed din naman my second just like what I did with my first. Here's hoping I'll go back in my pre=pregnancy weight din as fast as her.

Oooops sa kadaldalan ko di ko pa nasabi text nya. Do I want to go to the supermarket daw with her? opcors!!! So she fetched me and off to South we went. It was just a supermarket date but I got excited haha.

 2 gf's in one day :) Now that's rare.

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