Thursday, August 09, 2012

August 2012 Habagat

First, I want everyone to know we are safe. We are here in LaResidencia and thankfully the flood hasnt reached our street. But yes it reached our community. One of my friends house is flooded, their street is knee-deep. We are blessed we live in Phase 2 our streets here are dry.

Anyhoo, I dont know who to credit for the photo below. I just took it from Facebook. I posted it here just so we can remember how terrible Habagat has brought to our town.

We are trapped inside the house. The streets going out of the subdivision are all flooded. Good thing we had stock of food here. Water and electricity hasnt been cut down. But we still filled all our containers with water just in case.

SO there friends I hope everyone is okay. Flood is getting bigger today August 9, Thursday. Good thing naman the sun is shining not as bright but its promising. I am waiting for my rainbow.

Keep safe and dry everyone. We can do this!

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