Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Thieves and House Security

Men broke in our house last Sunday, October 14, 2012.

They forced open the kitchen window. Going to the kitchen window you have to pass through our gate, then another gate going to the laundry area where the kitchen window is. That's the only window without grill Our househelp forgot to close one of the gates to our laundry area, the thieves climbed the gate and went straight to the laundry area. How they knew it was open and how they knew that the only entry point is the kitchen window is a mystery. And why there were no security - roving guards at that time is another question. Our gate is like 6 feet with horizontal lines so they could easily climb it but it will take a while to go to the other side. Lights in the garage and garden are all on too.

We are still thankful that no one got hurt. Only me, my niece and my lil girl is in the house that time. (Apparently, they knew that too.) Good thing we didnt woke up when they got inside the house nor when they entered our rooms. Worse might have happened if we woke up and saw their face,  some say burglars tie the residents and goes through all their belongings, some even commit murder and a lot of other things. They might have gotten our gadgets - iphone, ipod, tablet, 3 more phones, my niece's bag, but we still have our lives and we are thankful for that.

Our God is good! Amidst all these things we know that God will send His angels to watch over us.

What we did after: Grills were installed at the kitchen window, locks were replaced, and other security measures were done. We'll install CCTV too, i know it's not preventive but at least they might think twice now that they'll get caught since we have a recorder. Relatives sleep over our house now nightly to    accompany us.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and am in an emotional wreck that morning. At first I am calm and called the guards and relatives but after they're gone and saw the whole thing I cried. Because I know things might have been worse. I hugged Thea tightly and am soooo ever thankful she's very much okay. She has been waking up on wee hours lately as in 2-6am she's awake but on that day she slept away until 7am! Had she been awake, haaay I dont want to think about it na.

I hope you guys take house security highly. Praying that this wont happen to anyone or to us again. God bless you and please keep safe guys.


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