Sunday, August 05, 2012

Working Out

Age and metabolism are inversely proportionate to each other. Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) our body burns to maintain itself. When we age our metabolism slows down. When you reach 3-0, every cube of chocolate, cup of rice, or a spoon of ice cream you eat will manifest and unsightly show on your tummy (or cheeks if you are more unfortunate). While exercise is not a requirement when we were err younger now we need to exert a little more effort to stay fit.

Though some have better genetics inherited from their parents, most of us are stucked in our not soooo Jessica Alba'ish body. I mean how could she possibly fit in that two-piece sexey bathing suit after giving birth in 5 months, no fair really!!!

When I was 26 I tried going to the gym, what with the noticeable "bilbil" i got from eating 2 cups of rice. Along with gym time I also cut down my rice consumption, half na lang please!. Well that worked out for like uhmmmm 2 months??? Going to gym takes a lot of determination and will to persevere, a primary goal is very well needed if you wish to attain something - that's just not what happened to me! Besides I can still tuck my tummy then hahaha, Vhin hasnt noticed it quite much until we got married - gotcha there sweetie ;P

Hubby's story is different. He was fit when we started going out, then he gained lil by lil when we got together. Uhhhm a little more heavier when we got married then when we moved back in Pinas his BMI has become a little more alarming. He made a pact that he needs to be fit for himself and for his growing family.

When he went back to Brunei, everyone were telling him he gained a lot of weight. He enrolled in the newly built gym in Seria and started his 4-5x a week workout. Every month his weight will go down! But it was on his 3rd month that his co-workers noticed his clothes are getting lousy. Now on his 5th or is it 6th, he just keeps getting fitter. Wife is definitely proud of you!

BEFORE - Dec 2011

AFTER June 2012

While I am proud I am also pressured. At least I wouldnt need to workout until the bun has gotten out of the oven. I hope breastfeeding will take all the fats this pregnancy has given me, pwede pati na din ung fats ng first pregnancy?!?

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