Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thea's Summer Program

Well this is an overdue post but I'd rather do it now while I still remember the details

April 16 when Thea started her 5-week summer program. Supposedly, they'd be a group of 5 but one backed-out and so she only got 3 classmates - all boys. The lone princess is surrounded by 3 cutie boys from 2-4 in the afternoon for more than a month!

Did she cry? Oh you bet she did?
Did I ask myself if the summer class is a right decision? Oh sure I did!
Did it went well in the end? Thank God it did!

For more than a week the princess cries from half to one hour. Until the teachers changed the routine. Apparently, she avoids an activity and her teacher noticed she becomes fidgety when they do that so they altered it and somehow it worked for her because after that no more tears errr loud wails comes from our girl!

Her activities include singing, dancing, painting - color recognition, numbers, writing names, big and small, girl and boy. Here, Thea is being taught how to clean her placemat!

On her 3rd week, she kept on saying one of her classmates name! Then later she sings "Where is Joshua?" He's the cute boy on the left.

During their end of program event, the kids are in their not so behave selves :D Dancing and jumping around while their teacher talks to parents.

Here, they are suppose to give us the paper flower they made during class. She was awed by them and started plucking the petals :D Apparently its her 2nd flower, she plucked the 1st one she made so she needed to make another one, teacher hid the 2nd after they finish it.

Thea received the Orange princess award, Best in craft and Nursery Rhyme Diva! Teachers say she likes orange but at home she likes blue, I wonder why. They also says she's very structured in their activities, finishing the whole sheet of paper to color/paint! She also likes to sing (that's not new to us) but they say she usually sings their nursery rhyme in a new tone she makes - composer in the making ang bebe ko!

We're proud of you anak. And we know you're ready na for the next level. 1st day of class on June 20 :D

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