Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Boy

SURPRISE! We're going to have a baby boy!!!

My Dear Son,

You made a huge impact when the sonologist said we were having a boy! Parang earthquake intensity 9! Mommy said "Ano po sabi nyo?" the doctor replied "Lalaki!" Oh boy Oh boy!!!

You see, on your 6th month mommy's doctor said we probably have a baby girl then on the 7th she said it really is a girl. It was only when you were on your 8th month that I had time for your 4D ultrasound that you revealed yourself! Showbiz na showbiz ka anak, ginulat mo si mommy!

A startled mom might I be but know that I am happy! In my heart I knew I will have a boy when you were just 3 mos. My ultrasensitive nose and taste buds say so, and when I threw up quite a lot unlike when I was expecting your ate. Ate Thea knows it too, she kept on saying baby boy even though we ask her to say baby girl.

Galing mo sa surprise anak! One thing I know, you got this kind of knack not from your dad!

See you soon honeybunch! We are all excited to see you, to finally cuddle and kiss you.


Here's our little heartthrob!

And to compare here's his ate's 4D 4 years ago :D

I got videos too but there's something wrong with my connection I couldnt upload it. Better luck next time. May you all have a surprisingly beautiful day.


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