Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a night to remember

Hours before Christmas eve, everybody's busy, either preparing food for noche buena or packing their gifts for their loved ones. While the mommy's are busy preparing food and looking at their children, Ate La tasked me to decorate the house with ribbons for the gift giving and the little party the family will have for Christmas. So I put ribbons here and there enough to make the house look happy, glad Minette was there to help. She said she'll join the party coz her parents are already sleeping and her siblings won't come home till the next morning, Christmas day.

I was especially inspired to do the decorating part because that would be my and vhin's first Christmas party with the family. Well, i also cooked the hot choco pero thats too minimal and too easy to do compared to the meals nanay and ates prepared.=P So ribbons galore it was, i put every ribbon left from packing gifts hehe.

I told them we have to start early coz me and vhin will still have to leave at 11pm for the Regalado's party naman. haaay hectic! So we did start early, duds arrived 9:30pm but I guess the party started around 10. Vhin was wearing a white shirt with ME written on it. I told him to wear yellow but then again its ok coz ME = EM.

Family's almost complete except for ate leng's. So the men were there, Tatay, K.Khyl, K.Glen, the mommies, Nanay, Ate Mai, Ate La, the kulets, Gail, Simon, Mik, Kiel & Kean, and there was minette and of course me and Vhin.

Ate La asked me to call minette (who went home to change)because the party is about to start. When i went back I wondered where Vhin was so I checked the kitchen CR , the store and even went out again to look for him. When i am about to go upstairs ate la said Vhin needs to go to the bathroom and told me to just let him be. The kids were also upstairs and they were laughing. Right there I knew something's cooking and I don't know what it is. Haha, i wondered if he'd go down in Santa suit and hand down gifts to everyone. Or maybe he and the kids will sing or dance. I was literally trying to figure out how they were able to convince him to do a special number.

Then Ate La played a love song. A LOVE SONG? Why on earth would she play a love song on Christmas eve. I did change the song to a more Christmassy beat but Ate changed it again. haaaaay, I was really ultra slow (hand me iodized salt please). So Ate called the children to go down stairs. All the while I thought they'd be in red but they were all in white!

When I saw Kiel his white shirt with "WILL" written on it, I have to cover my mouth to hide my smile, for only then was I able to connect the dots. Next to go down was gail and mon with "YOU" and "MARRY" on their shirts then mik came down with a blue box (a blue box!!!) and then came down Vhin. I can't exacltly describe how i felt. They lined up and Ate La read the words aloud "WILL YOU MARRY" then she hand the mic to Vhin to read what's on his shirt. I dont know what happened, but his voice turned into a Chipmunk voice and said ME very chipmunky! hehe. Kinabahan ang lolo ko! Twas very fast that I even forgot to look at my parents for permission. I just said YES when they asked me for an answer. And YES it is! Its for real!!!

Then Vhin went towards me and hand me the blue box! OMG i have a ring!!! So he put it on my ring finger ( and i have to coach him to put it on the left, wink). i wanted to hug him and hug him tight but my parents are there so i just hold his hand took him out from the limelight and hid him a bit towards our store. Then he said " ano nga sagot mo?". Aaaaaay, I love this man!

Sabi nya"Nung nagsabog ng kabaduyan si Lord ako lahat sumalo." hahaha. Baduy or otherwise, I would have still said yes!

So there friends were engaged! Again again again WERE ENGAGED! Ayiy!!!

We played paper dance, at kahit sobra na ung paa ni duds sa paper di pa din nila kami dinidisqualify!!!
Tatay gave nanay a necklace, ako ang kakuntsaba ni Tatay pagbili dun. ayiy sweeeet!!!
We went to SanMarcos at 11pm were Tito Ambin gave his gift ala Santa Claus to his pamangkins and ate noche buena with his Nanay.

"Christmas spent with loved ones and the one I love!" Indeed it was and a lot more!!! Cheers to us and for 2008!

Special thanks to Ate La and Minette for conniving with my future husband in this proposal. And lots of love to my fiance for the effort and guts, all for the love of nyemnyem. A night I would always remember.

(today 7 days after I still couldnt stop grinning)


Ronnie said...


I can't believe it!

I'm really Happy for you Gurl!

em said...

ronnie flav? =) thanks!
una regalo ko sa mga inaanak ko, kailan ko kaya maibibigay next Christmas n lang ulit?

pharmaboy said...

nice!!! hahhaa, astig tlga si k. vhin! ehehehe... now ko lang nabasa... hehehe... I'm soooo happy for you ate emz!!! =)

em said...

thanks pharmaboy este markz!
HaPpY!!! mwaaah.

Tin said...

wow ang sweet nmn...congratz and best wishes ate emz and to k. vhin n din...

em said...

thanks much tin!
<3 and hugs to you! mwaaaah.

-ate ems-

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