Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daddy's home!!!

Loong weekend in celebration of Hari Raya or the end of fasting in Brunei also meant daddy will be home! And he was :)

My dear husband was here for 5 days! Why with exclamation point? Because the usual time he spends here is just 3 days (weekend plus 1 day leave), the additional 2 days are really bonus we were all happy to take!

This lil girl misses his daddy much. See?

She went to her dad and called him "Diday Diday", played horsy and then when she got tired she rested and this picture was taken.

The other girl who misses him much is this. See?
Saltimbaco by Cirque du Soleil August 19, 2012 - matinee Last day of performance.
I wanted to go and see something new for my birthday (yes it was my advanced birthday date), and Saltimbaco fitted the bill. It would be a new experience since I havent actually gotten to see a live circus act in my 33 years.

I had a blast! It was my first time to go to SM MOA Arena and the place looks promising! With big events coming up Im pretty sure next time they'll have more place to eat, ahahaha. THe show was 1pm and I havent eaten lunch yet. We did had a meal at 10am but you know me that wasnt enough. So my husband bought food to satisfy my grumbling stomach for the 2 hour show. From doughnuts, burger, popcorn and nuggets how could I get hungry. NOT. I was hungry at 3pm. Good thing restos are near and we were able to eat agad.

The entire time he was here was dedicated to moi and the lil girl. We had a thea day, day after Mommy day haha. To SM pampanga we go and the kid loved the ferris wheel. She was in the ride 4 times. And who else will she take with her during those four times? Her dad ofcourse :)

Here are they in a pink egg! Can't see thea? Look at dad's right side and you'll see her foot on the rail. Enjoy ang bebe!

To end here's a kulit pic. Thea wearing my undergarment over her shirt. Waaah dalaga ka na anak?

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